Gluten free crepes, sweet or savory, since I tried this recipe I love them more than before and I vary them with different stuffings.

If you are short of ideas for a tasty snack or a quick lunch, gluten free crepes can be a solution as they can be  prepared in half an hour and very simply.

Ingredients for 8/10 gluten free crepes:

50 g vegetable margarine

3 fresh chicken eggs

350 gr milk without milk

200 gr fine rice flour

Salt to taste.


sweet (jam, nutella, chocolate, dried fruit)

salted (brie and raw ham, bresaola and parmesan, bacon and provola, mushrooms and ham)

Preparing gluten free crepes is simple, you need a small pebble and a hand whisk.

Weigh and pour the ingredients following the order listed by setting the flour with a small pass to prevent the creation of lumps.

Stir energetically for a few minutes and then cover with transparent paper and let it rest in the fridge for 20 minutes.

Heat a non-stick pan or creperié over medium heat, put half a teaspoon of margarine in the bottom and then a ladle of dough, cook for 2-3 minutes per side and turn as with the omelette.

Put the filling, then fold first in half and then again in two until you get a triangle. Serve and add other flavors to taste for the decorations.

The gluten-free crepes have a light taste but are very substantial and can be filled with whatever you like, combining sweet or savory ingredients.

gluten free crepes

crepes senza glutine

crepes senza glutine con bresaola

Tips of the day:

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Roberta Saba

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