Gluten-free Christmas lunch ideas

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Just a few days at the big event !! Here are some last minute ideas for the gluten-free Christmas lunch menu !! Cannelloni and cookies!
pranzo di natale senza glutine

Preparing a gluten-free Christmas lunch is not easy. Not that it was before, but with intolerances we must find the right balance not to be repetitive, not always cook the usual dishes, follow the tradition and add a minimum of creativity and innovation.

One thing that I consider fundamental for gluten-free Christmas lunch is to cook dishes that can eat everyone, so as not to create discomfort and not to make the gluten-free diet weigh on the intolerant. In fact, lunches and festive dinners, especially for those who become celiac in adulthood, can become a real source of stress. Imagine if suddenly on Christmas day you could not eat the panettone, the pandoro, the bread that you have always eaten, the lasagna, in short all those delicious dishes that belong to our culinary tradition and rich in gluten. How would you feel?

To me a little weighs all this deprivation even if I am aware that it is the only way to feel good. But wellness is also to see that others, in a moment of celebration, cook something thinking about your needs and share the pleasure of food by eating something that is gluten-free.

Here is the recipe for cannelloni and placeholder cookies if you want to include them in the menu of your gluten-free Christmas lunch.

Ingredients for Cannelloni:

1 box Dialsì cannelloni (or other) gluten-free

1 small broccoli

1 potato

50g ground

evo oil q.b.

Salt to taste.

ginger powder (to buy in herbal medicine)

besciamella gluten-free and lactose-free


Clean the broccoli and peel the potato, then boil some water in a saucepan with a little salt. As soon as the water begins to boil pour the broccoli cut into small pieces and the diced potato, cook for a few minutes and drain. In a non-stick pan, brown the ground beef with a drizzle of olive oil, then add to the vegetables, sprinkle with a little ginger and fill the cannelloni. Arrange the cannelloni stuffed in a baking pan, sprinkle with béchamel sauce and bake at 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes. Baked, served and served hot.

For the placeholder cookies you can follow the recipe of gluten-free shortcrust of  giallozafferano adding Christmas spices such as ginger, cinnamon and cloves. Then decorate to taste with icing and sugar decorations giving space to your imagination.

As an alternative main course you can also try the gluten-free crepes recipe.

My wish is that your gluten-free Christmas lunch will become even better with these simple ideas.


gluten-free christmas lunch ideas

Roberta Saba

Roberta Saba

Gluten free food blogger Ciao a tutti, sono Roberta ho 35 anni e sono una gran chiacchierona. Amo viaggiare, scoprire, creare, leggere e sono curiosa, molto curiosa!! Uno dei miei hobby è cucinare e mangiare bene.

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