What is the link between food and psychology? Today I present the direct messages of #direzionepolicninico an innovative way to deepen themes on nutrition and well-being.

cibo e psicheThe link between food and psychology is something profound that influences our personal well-being. We all know and there are many examples that prove it, the pleasure for some flavors compared to others, the ability to adjust the serving, the pleasure in tasting some sweet, savory, bitter, food intake and sharing many other things. In short, it is not necessary to be professionals to understand how strong and unconscious this bond is, from which we depend our psycho-physical well-being and our way of being, to relate to others and to the world.

The news that I want to tell you today is that I had the opportunity to talk about food and psychology with the nutritionist Costantino Motzo in one of his direct Facebook debates #directionpoliclinico. It was a pleasure and an interesting professional meeting that allowed me to discover new things about nutrition from another point of view. The goal of these videos is to give professional information on diets, food and nutrition aspects through short ten-minute commercials.

Every day a different topic that you can request also ask you with a message, then interviews with professionals who deal with aspects related to nutrition from other points of view, as happened to me as a psychologist, all with an informal chat in a car while going to work. In short, many useful information just a click away that I recommend you follow him on the Facebook page or on the Youtube channel .

After the first interview on food and psychology, we decided to continue with other monthly meetings to deepen some aspects reported by fans and / or customers. When working with people, if you want to help them feel good, you need to get out of your professional practice and work together in a multidisciplinary way.

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Tips of the day

If you decide to follow a diet, do not improvise and above all contact a specialized doctor.

If we want to eat healthy and tasty as a lifestyle, then there is no doubt … The Mediterranean Diet: the healthiest and most delicious diet in the world!

Do you want to help the diet? Very simple … Everyone has their own sport!

cibo e psiche food and psychology


Roberta Saba

Roberta Saba

Gluten free food blogger Ciao a tutti, sono Roberta ho 35 anni e sono una gran chiacchierona. Amo viaggiare, scoprire, creare, leggere e sono curiosa, molto curiosa!! Uno dei miei hobby è cucinare e mangiare bene.

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