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Bikini fitting … I’m not afraid of you! Let’s start preparing for summer to get a perfect line, with low-calories but tasty meals, like pork fillet with vegetables.

Pork fillet with vegetables: a protein, low-calorie dish, excellent for a weight loss diet. Health and good food in perfect balance!

Pork fillet is a little used cut, but with excellent characteristics both from the nutritional point of view and for the consistency and flavor.

The caloric content is 109 Kcal per 100 gr. It is very rich in protein and low in fat, including cholesterol … ideal for a diet. It is a tender meat with a delicate taste, which is prepared simply, in a few minutes of cooking.

I propose the pork fillet with vegetables and potatoes, so as not to miss the right amount of fiber, minerals and vitamins. The potatoes give a sense of satiety, and they balance the dish with carbohydrates.

Pork fillet with vegetables and potatoes (per person)

150 gr of pork tenderloin

Peppers 100 gr

Potatoes 200 gr

An onion

Extra virgin olive oil 1 spoon

Finely chop the onion and put it to cook slowly in a pan with the oilo and a little water. Add the peppers and potatoes cut into small pieces. We close the lid and let it cook for about 20 minutes.

In an already hot non-stick pan, cook the fillet over a high flame, with a little oil, turning it over several times. The cooking should last no longer than 4-5 minutes, to keep the meat tender. At the end of cooking, let’s rise slightly.

We make our plate. As a single dish it is well balanced and contains 400 kcal. A good way to eat healthy, hypocaloric, to prepare for summer!

Tips of the day:

Surely we are all terrified by the bikini fitting test, but if we start to eat well now and do some physical activity you will see that you will get ready for the challenge!

As a physical activity I suggest you start working on the abdominals, in this post Alessia suggests you some exercises to have sculpted abs.

Having a sculpted body is not enough, here are some tips on how to stay young without effort.

filetto di maiale con verdure

filetto di maiale con verdure pork fillet with vegetables

Daniela Pesaresi

Daniela Pesaresi

Nutrizione e benessere, medicina, healthy food blogger Sono Daniela, amica di Francesca, e sono un medico. Mi diverto in cucina e sono messa a dura prova quotidianamente da due figli e un marito che mangiano in quantità, e che vogliono la qualità. La mia specializzazione è l’endocrinologia, e questo mi ha permesso di coltivare da molti anni la passione per l’alimentazione sana…ma senza fare a meno del gusto! Questa è la mia prima esperienza in un blog. Cercherò di suggerirvi un modo corretto ed equilibrato di mangiare, per il benessere del nostro corpo e, perché no, per la cura del nostro aspetto. Non è difficile mangiare sano, spero di convincervi!

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