Easter quiche, easy and quick

Today I present to you a very easy, quick recipe suitable for these parties with a full and tasty flavor, the Easter quiche, the ideal recipe for those who have no time, but do not want to give up the traditions.

torta rustica di Pasqua

Grandma Ida’s rustic cake is a rustic Easter quiche really easy to prepare but with an intense flavor and 100,000 calories! Well it is not dietary at all but just for nothing …. and I already see Daniela Pesaresi (our nutritionist) with her hands in her hair, so don’t read this recipe!

This is the rustic Easter quiche that my employer prepares every year and it is the cake that his mother and he used to make, by tradition. Every year he prepares it by giving it to us and to an endless list of his friends who request it!

What beautiful family traditions !!!

So let’s talk about it and start preparing this bomb of taste and calories.

Here are the ingredients:

2 packs of Brisè pasta;

1.50 gr of Fontal;

1.50 gr of smoked provola;

½ salami (about 150g);

60 grams of bacon;

60 grams of Parmesan;

5 eggs (3 sodas)

I have already told you that this recipe for rustic Easter quiche is simple and apart from cooking eggs it is only a matter of cutting, cutting and cutting.

Let’s start by putting in a small saucepan n. 3 eggs cover them with cold water and from the boil cook for 10 minutes.uova

In the meantime we wait for the eggs to cook, we begin to cut the cheeses into squares then the salami always into squares and once cut all put in a bowl also joining the bacon.


Once cooked the eggs and after having cleaned them let them cool in order to cut them better.

And still waiting for the eggs to cool, lined with Brisè pasta, a 22-inch pan, take the other Brisè pasta and cut a disc of the same diameter as the pan that will serve as the cake’s cover.

torta rustica di PasquaCool the eggs, cut them into cubes and add them to the bowl.


At this point, beat the 2 eggs left with the Parmesan in a bowl and add them to the mixture.


torta rustica di PasquaOnce mixed, pour everything into the pan lined with Brisè pasta and cover with the other cut disk. With the advanced dough make decorations to apply over the cake.

torta rustica di Pasqua

Bake at 180 degrees for 30 minutes.

Your rustic Easter quiche is ready !!!!

torta rustica di Pasqua easter quiche

torta rustica di Pasqua easter quiche

Enjoy your meal!!!!


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Irene Basso

Irene Basso

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