And so there we are, tomorrow will be 2019. But what happened to Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger in 2018? I’ll tell you today together with some background. Happy New Year to you all! don't call me fashion blogger

Today is the last of the year. From tomorrow we start 2019 and I want to tell you what happened to Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger in 2018. Yes, because so many things have happened in every sector!

In the fashion industry, the core business of Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger, Francesca, that would be me, in 2018 has continued to dress in a rather “showy” way.

There is nothing to do but I just do not like simplicity.

And therefore a lot of room has been made to the metallic leather biker jackets, Cowboy ankle boots, faux furs and so on and so forth.

On Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger we also cooked a lot (of course I did not cook): we have prepared gluten-free dishes and talked about nutritional values.

And then we cooked traditional cuisine, such as pasta and beans, pasta and chickpeas, polenta, chicken nuggets …..

In 2018 we also often went on television such as TG2 Costume e Società and Cortesie per gli ospiti.

And speaking of Cortesie per gli ospiti, let me reveal some background to you.

First of all, how did they get to us? It seems just thanks to the post on pasta and beans that is in the top positions on Google.

Did it bring visibility? Yes absolutely yes. Even now that the replays are airing, new people continue to land on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger!

2018 was also a year of great changes. I (Francesca) I left my job to be a full-time mom and fashion influencer and I finally realized that I have to take care of myself too.

In addition to finally going to the gym, I also started a series of radiofrequency-based facial treatments such as Venus Viva and Venus Legacy.

Surprising results and soon I will show you also the post treatment Tribella.

On Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger we also traveled a lot: we went to Thailand, to Crete, to Boa Vista, to Kuwait and … to Cinecittà World!
In all of this, what did Esmeralda do? She went around for parties! While I’m at the PC she is having all the fun! Got it????
In any case it was a beautiful 2018 and I thank all the team of Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger: Alice, Alessia, Chiara, Daniela, Esmeralda, Irene, Ludo The Imp, Mattia, Nadia and Roberta.

We wish you a wonderful 2019 and see you next year!

pasta e ceci in pentola a pressione

pranzo di natale senza glutine

castagne valori nutrizionali

scortesie per gli ospiti

come vestirsi in thailandia

palazzo di cnosso

boa vista

abbey road

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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