Detox diet: a day of healthy foods, antioxidants, rich in nutrients, to start the business year with new energy, and overcome the summer spill.detox diet

A day of detox diet dedicated to our body, to take vigor, purify, feel better! It would be useful to combine an aerobic activity of 15-20 minutes, such as a brisk walk or an exercise bike.

Let’s start with a light and healthy breakfast with a low-fat yogurt mixed with honey and pineapple . Yogurt helps our bowel with the milk enzymes it contains, for a flatter stomach and the pineapple has a draining effect.

For lunch, prepare a maxi salad with corn. Vegetables help the intestinal function. Corn is  rich in phosphorus, potassium and B vitamins.
In the afternoon let’s have a home-made herbal tea made with ginger, lemon juice and honey. We exploit the antioxidant properties of lemon and ginger, and the ready-to-use honey energy.
… a little relaxation, and some time for us, to sip calmly … maybe with a relaxing music …

For dinner eat a gratin of vegetables at will, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil.
A day of detox diet to feel lighter, dedicate ourselves to us and return to everyday life after the holidays with new vigor.

It would be useful to do a day like this once a month.

Happy business year to everyone!

dieta detox

Tips of the day

In your detox diet day you can also include centrifuged detoxifying agents like these 4 that I have previously proposed.

If you want to get back into shape quickly, physical activity is important, if you are looking for a sport that you do not get bored, try the Zumba

If instead you want a more targeted training, here are 3 really useful tips

For those who do not have time to go to the gym, I suggest you try Alice’s Yoga classes.

Daniela Pesaresi

Daniela Pesaresi

Nutrizione e benessere, medicina, healthy food blogger Sono Daniela, amica di Francesca, e sono un medico. Mi diverto in cucina e sono messa a dura prova quotidianamente da due figli e un marito che mangiano in quantità, e che vogliono la qualità. La mia specializzazione è l’endocrinologia, e questo mi ha permesso di coltivare da molti anni la passione per l’alimentazione sana…ma senza fare a meno del gusto! Questa è la mia prima esperienza in un blog. Cercherò di suggerirvi un modo corretto ed equilibrato di mangiare, per il benessere del nostro corpo e, perché no, per la cura del nostro aspetto. Non è difficile mangiare sano, spero di convincervi!

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