Detox centrifuge  of fruits and vegetables to help us find wellness. Today I propose 4 quick recipes and we will see how fruits and vegetables, and their nutritive principles, can be used to detoxify us, take care of our skin and our body.

I propose you four different kind of detox centrifuge. I prefer the centrifuges to the extracts because they have a higher content in fiber … and now you know that the fibers are very useful in the diet to reduce intestinal absorption of carbohydrates, and to improve intestinal function.

centrifugati detoxCarrot and mango centrifuge: we prepare the skin for the summer.
A sun-colored centrifuge, which supplies our body with mineral salts such as potassium and magnesium, indispensable with summer heat.
Contains vitamin C, beta carotene and vitamin A that counteract skin aging and help regeneration of epithelia.

Blueberry and pineapple centrifuge: we improve circulation and reduce swollen ankles.
The flavonoids contained in blueberries improve the venous and capillary circulation, and have a true anti-inflammatory effect. The pineapple thanks to bromelain has anti-edema action, ie it reduces swelling due to stagnation of liquids in the tissues.
The two fruits together have an excellent effect on the sense of weight and the swelling of the ankles.

Centrifuge of fennel and kiwi: flat stomach and regular intestine.
Fennel is traditionally used against intestinal swelling. Stimulates digestion and increases the motility of the intestine. The kiwi is very rich in vitamin C and the high fiber content helps intestinal regularity.

Papaya detox centrifuge with lemon juice and ginger: detox.
A magnificent concentrate of antioxidants, vitamin C, zinc, selenium. Detox effect and strengthening of the immune system. Ginger is also used as an antacid and antinausea.

We can use these detox centrifuges to start the day in a healthy way, or to indulge in a pampering after a busy day.
Good centrifuge at all!
Daniela Pesaresi

detox centrifuge

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Daniela Pesaresi

Daniela Pesaresi

Nutrizione e benessere, medicina, healthy food blogger Sono Daniela, amica di Francesca, e sono un medico. Mi diverto in cucina e sono messa a dura prova quotidianamente da due figli e un marito che mangiano in quantità, e che vogliono la qualità. La mia specializzazione è l’endocrinologia, e questo mi ha permesso di coltivare da molti anni la passione per l’alimentazione sana…ma senza fare a meno del gusto! Questa è la mia prima esperienza in un blog. Cercherò di suggerirvi un modo corretto ed equilibrato di mangiare, per il benessere del nostro corpo e, perché no, per la cura del nostro aspetto. Non è difficile mangiare sano, spero di convincervi!

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