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Today I present a delicious recipe: how to prepare homemade citrus and ginger jam !! Here is my organic and gluten-free recipe.

arance e limoni organici

Today I will show you a recipe to prepare a delicious citrus and ginger jam using the bread machine.

It’s time for oranges and lemons, here in Sardinia the rains of this year have been abundant and I’m lucky to meet some retired passionate about healthy and organic agriculture. He gave me a basket full of oranges of various types, tarot, sanguine, washington, and lemons.

So I decided to prepare the citrus and ginger jam to add to yogurt, pies and to accompany the aged pecorino. Given my work commitments and study of this period I tried to use the jams function of the bread machine and the result was amazing. Just the time to wash and clean the fruit and then she will take care of it.


350 gr of oranges

150 gr of lemons

500 gr of sugar

1 tablespoon of herbal ginger powder


Wash the fruit thoroughly and dry it with a cotton cloth. With the peeler remove the outer peel and chop it. Remove the white part of the lemons and oranges, then cut the citrus fruit into small pieces. Pour the fruit and sugar into the bread machine and start the program, at the end add the ginger and mix with a spoon. Pour the jam still warm in the previously sterilized jars, close vigorously and turn over, leave to cool and consume.

If you do not have a bread machine with this function, put the ingredients in a large pot, bring to a boil and cook for 30 minutes.

The citrus and ginger jam is rich in vitamin C, an excellent ally for winter sickness and to prepare for the arrival of spring, has a strong and delicate taste.


arance e limoni organici

arance e limoni organicimarmellata di agrumi e zenzero

marmellata di agrumi e zenzero

Tips of the day

  • The citrus and ginger jam is perfect for filling gluten-free crepes. An excellent base for breakfast for a celiac or gluten intolerant.
  • Until 10 years ago celiac disease was misdiagnosed, today everyone finds out that they are intolerant to gluten. But beware: true celiac disease is another thing and at the base there is a real genetic change.
  • As a savory recipe of the day, I propose you the soft focaccia without gluten
Roberta Saba

Roberta Saba

Gluten free food blogger Ciao a tutti, sono Roberta ho 35 anni e sono una gran chiacchierona. Amo viaggiare, scoprire, creare, leggere e sono curiosa, molto curiosa!! Uno dei miei hobby è cucinare e mangiare bene.

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