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Today we learn to know better chestnuts, good … delicious and full of nutritional virtues. Roast or boiled chestnuts, a nice glass of red wine … nothing better to warm up on autumn evenings!castagne valori nutrizionali

The chestnuts, which our grandparents called “the bread of the poor”, are a very healthy food and, above all, rich in nutritional values.

Chestnuts have been known since the time of the ancient Greeks, Phoenicians and Latins, who cultivated and marketed them all over the Mediterranean. At the time they were cooked roasted or in milk, or in a pan with herbs and spices to make soups.

Even then it was used as a  flour to prepare a bread used in the celebrations in honor of Ceres.

In the Middle Ages it was thought that chestnuts had aphrodisiac properties. Ha! I guess now everyone will start eating them!

But now let’s understand together what are the nutritional values ​​of chestnuts.

Chestnuts are mainly composed of carbohydrates (44%), but compared to cereals they contain fewer calories: 196 Kcal per 100 grams.

They are rich in fibers, and mineral salts such as potassium, phosphorus and calcium.

You probably do not know that chestnuts also contain vitamin C, B vitamins and folate, so they used in the past in the treatment of anemia and convalescence, to regain strength.

And … dulcis in fundo … they are completely free of cholesterol and gluten. They are therefore also indicated in celiac disease.

Today I offer you the recipe of the “chestnuts” cooked in the traditional way and more suited to the season, that is roasted.

We cut them with the knife on the curved part.

Let the chestnuts cook in the special pan, on the open flame, until they are well roasted and opened.

Let’s taste them warm with a good red wine.

If you prefer to boil them, always remember to open them.

And for the sweet tooth I suggest buying the marron glacé. Do not overdo it though. Always remember that they are super sweet.

Happy  autumn to you all!



Tips of the day

  • From the chestnut you also get the flour with which for example you can make the famous Farinaccio or cook for those who are celiac.
  • Another autumn fruit is very good from a nutritional point of view and I recommend eating plenty of it, the pomegranate, of which I have already spoken here.
  • In this season it may be useful to also take some supplements such as those of Joachim Kaeser that you can find on HSE24.
Daniela Pesaresi

Daniela Pesaresi

Nutrizione e benessere, medicina, healthy food blogger Sono Daniela, amica di Francesca, e sono un medico. Mi diverto in cucina e sono messa a dura prova quotidianamente da due figli e un marito che mangiano in quantità, e che vogliono la qualità. La mia specializzazione è l’endocrinologia, e questo mi ha permesso di coltivare da molti anni la passione per l’alimentazione sana…ma senza fare a meno del gusto! Questa è la mia prima esperienza in un blog. Cercherò di suggerirvi un modo corretto ed equilibrato di mangiare, per il benessere del nostro corpo e, perché no, per la cura del nostro aspetto. Non è difficile mangiare sano, spero di convincervi!

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