3 food recipes for the beach

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Here we are again with another recipe indeed … three …. three food recipes for the beach !!!

The heat and the desire for fresh and tasty dishes gave me an idea and three dishes for the beach and not only !!!

Today I present three food recipes for the beach. Quick recipes, simple but appetizing and appetizing with all ingredients more than summer !!!

I do not like to look too far ahead of stove and staff for this reason use my now inseparable friend in the kitchen pressure cooker !!!

tre piatti da mangiare in spiaggiaHere are the three food recipes for the beach and we start immediately with the first recipe:

Spelled salad cooked in a pressure cooker

Ingredients for 4 people:

300 gr of spelled (3 ladles);

200 gr of cherry tomatoes;

2 bunches of rocket;

135 gr. green olives (300gr jar)

flaked Parmesan


extra virgin olive oil

Rinse the spelled under water then transfer it to the pressure cooker with 10 ladles of water and salt. Close the pressure cooker and whist the flame down and cook for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, wash the rocket, dry it and cut it roughly.

insalata di farro

Put it in a bowl, where we will add the sliced ​​olives and the halved cherry tomatoes. Season with salt and mix well, then add oil and mix.

insalata di farro

recipes for the beachSpend the 15 minutes vent the pressure cooker, open the lid and drain the spelled. Spend the emmer under cold water to stop cooking. At this point add the spelled to the rocket, olives and tomatoes, add more oil and mix well. Add the flakes of Parmesan. And our first recipe is ready !!!

insalata di farro

Green beans with tuna, potatoes and basil (cooking with pressure cooker)


500gr green beans;

400gr of potatoes (4 medium potatoes)

200 gr of tuna

basil (10 leaves)


extra virgin olive oil

Clean the green beans, wash them and place them in the pressure cooker with 1 glass of water.


Close the lid and cook for 5 minutes from the whistle, the beans must be crisp. At the end of cooking, drain and drain the green beans, rinse the pressure cooker and put the whole potatoes inside with all the peel that you have previously washed.

Close the lid and cook for 10 minutes from the whistle. After 10 minutes vent the pressure cooker, remove the potatoes and put them in a bowl to cool.

As soon as they are warm, peel the potatoes and cut into small pieces.

You have to wait until the beans and potatoes are cold before seasoning them, so the potatoes will not absorb all the oil.

Meanwhile in a bowl put the tuna and with the help of a fork crush it.

Now wash the basil and place it on a cutting board and chop it finely.


Add the basil to the tuna and season with a little salt and oil.

As soon as the potatoes and green beans are cooled together with tuna and basil and seasoned with other oil.


And here is the second dish ready !!!

fagioliniThird plate

Iceberg salad with surimi, avocado. cucumber, carrot, green olives and oregano

1/2 case of iceberg

2 carrots

1 cucumber

1 avocado

180 gr surimi

1 jar of green olives

1 lemon



extra virgin olive oil


This is the third of the “three food recipes for the beach“, with many ingredients but very easy and very quick to prepare.

First cut the salad on the cutting board, wash and dry it.


Put it in a bowl and then add the surimi cut into rounds and the olives always cut into rounds.



Peel the carrots and with the peeler make lots of small strips. The same thing must be done with cucumber.


Add the carrots and the cucumber to the salad. Peel the lawyer and cut it into slices not too thin and add it too.


Season with salt and mix very well to dissolve the salt, then add a pinch of oregano, oil and lemon juice. Mix well and the third dish is ready to be eaten !!!


I hope I have given you ideas for new ideas in the kitchen !!! Enjoy your meal and happy holidays … see you in September with many dishes to taste together.

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Irene Basso

Irene Basso

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