The Fashion Mob tells you about Zumba’s classes with Beto Perez, the founder of the biggest fitness company in the world and explains what is Zumba and what are its benefits .
lezioni di zumba benefici

Put 4 aggressive women and Zumba classes with Beto Perez, grafted into an audience of fans of this type of physical activity and energy is served.

Although I am the antithesis of coordination and dance, the master class of Zumba held by Beto and some of the best instructors in Italy impressed me!

What is Zumba and why is it good for both body and mind?

Founded in 2001, Zumba is the largest fitness company in the world and combines infectious rhythms with easy to perform choreography, even for me!

Let’s say that, in addition to being an effective and complete training, it is also a real fun that leaves you in a state of euphoria.

Zumba is not just a way to keep fit, it’s a way of life. You train while having fun and the phrase “I can not” is strictly banned.

Zumba is a dance that combines Caribbean and Cuban rhythms, steps of merengue and salsa and fitness movements for an aerobic lesson that involves all the muscles of the body.

It is a low impact workout that stimulates the cardiovascular system and also allows toning and losing weight.

The lessons are held in groups, under the guidance of an instructor who performs, step by step, a complete choreography.

Being able to participate in the master class with the founder of this program was truly unique. He is Beto Perez, Colombian fitness instructor: one day, in the mid-90s, he forgot to bring his traditional aerobic music to the course where he taught. He had to improvise, using a mix of salsa and merengue tapes. In this way he created a new type of fitness dance, which is based on the abandonment of body movements to music, not counting the sequences of steps.

Who can do Zumba? Everybody! Elderly (like me), children, males, females. Everyone who want to dance and have fun!

I must admit that I was very anxious to do my first Zumba class and just with Beto. Anxious in the sense that I really had the anxiety of not knowing what to do and instead I found myself dancing without even realizing it.

Beto has a crazy energy and at the end of the lesson I found myself in a state of well-being and euphoria that I still carry with me!

Even Fabrizia, Ida and Nadia had a lot of fun and certainly are much more flexible than me!

Tips of the day

For optimal physical and mental well-being, physical activity must be accompanied by a healthy diet, here is a recipe for you.

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  1. Hi Francesca
    Wowww, how lucky, a class with Beto Perez !!!
    I’ve practiced zumba before I got sick, it’s a lot of fun and I really like Latin music and rhythms.
    You look very stylish next to Beto. And I like to see you practicing zumba, I can see that you really like it.

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