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A wool poncho with fringes and you’re a real cowgirl right away! The western style this winter is one of the most proposed trends and if we want to follow it there is no need of gun belts, horse or spur boots. Here are some tips!scialle di lana con frange

A wool poncho with fringes, a pair of jeans, boots and, if you really want to dare, a cowboy hat and you’re done. You are in perfect western style! Easy, right?

I have always loved this style, when I was a child, when I went to spend the holidays in the country house of Francesca, who had two beautiful horses (Picchio my favorite) that we could ride safely. I remember that we dressed all the way with jeans, boots, and the inevitable cowboy hat that made us feel like real Calamity Jane (if I can find the pictures I’ll show you how nice we were …).

But if we want to follow western trend without exaggerating, just choose some accessory, such as a wool poncho with fringes, a garment that I often use because I find it very comfortable and versatile. I like to wear it as the main garment, but when it’s cold I wear it over coats and down jackets.

The wool poncho with fringes, in my opinion, never goes out of fashion, in fact what you see in these photos I have it for many years and I always wore it even when the western style was not so cool!

The photos you see, I have taken during one of the many weekends in Tuscany, at the Cennini Cloister, a wonderful Cloister of the 400 that houses a restaurant where I recommend you go, a real pleasure both for the palate and for the sight of this place really unique! If you go say that I sent you!

It is located in Sarteano, a delightful village in the province of Siena.


scialle di lana con frange

scialle di lana con frange

scialle di lana con frange

scialle di lana con frange

scialle di lana con frange

scialle di lana con frange

scialle di lana con frange

wool poncho with fringes

Tips of the day:

  • The wool poncho with fringes can also be worn with a high belt, perhaps in leather, and with a maxi buckle.
  • It is time for soups and soups. Which ones to prepare? Here are some ideas.
  • Are you thinking of a weekend dedicated to relaxation and wellness? I recommend going to Fonteverde, you will not regret it.
Esmeralda Evangelista

Esmeralda Evangelista

Beauty blogger, fashion blogger, fashion events Roma Sono Esmeralda, cugina di Francesca e sorella di Gianluca! Sono femmina e come tutte le femmine che nessuno si azzardi a non farmi studiare una qualsiasi vetrina con abiti, borse, scarpe e gingilli vari. Anche quella gran sfigata di Cenerentola ha puntato tutto su una scarpina e guardate cosa ha acchiappato: principe e regno con tanti omini e donnine che le lustrano le scarpe e le stirano i vestiti!

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