In the 80s it was very popular, today it is back in fashion. I’m talking about the wool maxi pull. You can wear it over leggings or as a dress. The important thing is to style it with the right accessories!

wool maxi pullIn the 80s if you didn’t have a wool maxi pull you were OUT, then for many years it was forgotten together with may other trends of those years.

But this winter 2020, the oversized wool sweater is back in vogue and I obviously had to have it! You can buy it here by choosing between different colors.

And I played it my way, making it sexier.

How to enhance a wool maxi pull

The long sweater so alone is likely to be too trivial, so we have to focus everything on accessories.

In the 80s the wool maxi pull was glittered and was worn with shiny ballerinas and with glittered leg warmers.

Today, walking around dressed as Jennifer Beals in Flashdance would be practically impossible.

That’s why we need to make our wool maxi pull more current and enhance our physique.

The model I chose is a high neck with side slits, so I thought to make it less banal by combining it with a snake-shaped belt and python boots.

And to stay sober …. I even wore a bag with studs!

What not to do when wearing a maxi sweater in wool: do not combine it with sneakers. It’s a mistake that we didn’t make in the 80s either so avoid it like the plague.

The 80’s, between Wham and glitter

In the 80s I was a very cheerful teenager and already obsessed with fashion.

At first, my mother dressed me, who luckily had good taste. Between 12 and 14 I had a collection of maxi pulls and leggings to be envied by Madonna.

George Micheal and the Whams arrived and with them the cotton hair and glitter.

The leg warmers, on the other hand, had already been introduced by Jane Fonda and her aerobics classes.

At the parties they were dressed practically all the same and the real must have were the glitter on the face or, better yet, the stars to be applied on the face.

Fashion also taken up in the cult film of those years, the Time of Apples, in which Sophie Marceau‘s friend, while attending a party, covers the marks of chicken pox with glitter.

The problem was to remove them once the party was over. I remember that even though I used tons of make-up remover or soap, the evil glitter remained stuck on the face for at least a week!

maxi pull in lana

maxi pull in lana

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