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Women’s knitted dresses are very popular now and I hadn’t been wearing one since at least the late 80’s. Until I saw this model with bell sleeves and flounces and I fell in love with it. Here’s how to choose the right one.vestiti in maglia da donna

I never liked the trend of women’s knitted dresses, even when I was a little girl.

All my girlfriends went around with glitter socks and maxi pullovers and I always had my doubts. Even if it doesn’t seem like I am very feminine, at least in the soul! I don’t like shapeless things, maybe also because I don’t have curves and therefore they look ugly on me.

But then I saw this knit dress on SHEIN and I fell in love with it. You can find it here and (search ID 1706861) with the discount code Q2Selvaggia you will be entitled to 15% discount on all orders over € 39 placed on SHEIN.

Women’s knitted dresses, how to choose the right one for your body

As I said before, I have always disdained women’s knitted dresses because not having the slightest hint of curves, I always knew they would be very bad.

I think I’ve only had one maxi pull in my life, but it was very glittery and very short.

After pregnancy, as it took me only 9 years to get back in shape, tight knit dresses were absolutely not recommended for my body as for the first time in my life I no longer had a flat belly.

Then finally, with a lot of sacrifice, I managed to get back in shape and today I can also afford a tight dress but I have to create volume where there isn’t!

That’s why this dress is perfect for me. The flounces at the bottom create the right hourglass effect (also helped by a super mega push up bra).

So how to choose the right dress?

Let’s look in the mirror and try to understand what we want to hide and what we want to enhance instead.

If you have a belly and love handles, avoid buying a super tight knit dress and go for the classic bag sweater instead.

If, on the other hand, you are lucky and have all the curves at the right point, you should know that the world is full of super tight and fancy women’s knitted dresses.

Often, knitted fabric is associated with comfort and is not considered elegant. But today there are tons of knitted dresses that are absolutely sexy and elegant. Just search!

And do you like women’s knitted dresses?



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Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. That dress is so cute on you! I like the ruffles and the statement sleeves 🙂

    Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and are having a happy new year 🙂

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