Winter 2019 sales, a practical guidance

Today I present the guide for winter 2019 sales: when they start and what to buy. But above all, how to avoid being cheated?

Ready Set Go! Here is the guide to winter 2019 sales! In fact, starting tomorrow January 5 winter sales begin in Italy, except in Basilicata (where they started on January 2) and in Sicily (beginning January 6).

Let’s see together what to buy and how to avoid being cheated by “fake sales” and warehouse leftovers.

What to buy during winter sales 2019? I recommend starting from two main ideas: what you buy must be good for the 2019 spring summer season and, possibly, also for the following years.

So let’s orient ourselves on a few strategic garments rather than doing the classic haul.

During the winter 2019 sales we must definitely buy:

An animal print garment. The leopard print look, for example, never goes out of fashion and is an evergreen. It is fine both in summer and in winter and never like during these sales you will find many leopard print clothes waiting for you. You can choose a jacket, a coat, a skirt or a leopard print shirt for example.

A maxidress. For years, the boho chic style has been revived in various forms. If you still do not have it, it’s time to buy a long dress inspired by 70s fashion.

A leather jacket. Or better yet, faux leather. This is also an evergreen that you can not miss. Generally, a leather or faux leather jacket costs a lot, even a Zara’s one. With the winter 2019 sales you can buy it at half price keeping in mind that it is a garment that you can safely use even in summer when the evening is a little colder.

A denim jacket. Well this you can not not buy it. I must say that in recent years, jeans jackets have always been present and their price has increased exponentially. Keeping in mind that denim is not a valuable fabric, I suggest you not spend a folly and buy a denim jacket during the winter 2019 sales .

Cowboy ankle boots. They have been the great revival of this winter and will continue to rage for at least another couple of seasons. With the stars, python, colorful, they have been proposed in various versions and often at exorbitant prices. The right time to buy them is just the winter 2019 sales .

How do we avoid cheating or scams? As for the practice to increase prices just before the sales and then return to the original price with the discount, here I can say that the guarantee of having an actually discounted price you will only have it in the big stores like Zara and H & M. Also having the site online it is virtually impossible to be cheated.

But here it is possible to incur and in abundance in another type of deception, the sale of items belonging to the classic “warehouse leftovers”.

But even in this case the error is easily avoidable, just have an eye. The warehouse leftovers completely deviate from the rest of the 2019 winter collection for style and colors. And they are generally sufficiently ugly garments not to attract attention,

So are you ready to experience the winter 2019 sales?

guida ai saldi inverno 2019

guida ai saldi inverno 2019

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