winter 2019 fashion trend, metallic

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With the team of The Fashion Mob, today we bring you to the discovery of another winter 2019 fashion trend , the metallic, like that of our leather biker jackets!trend inverno 2019

Today we discover together another winter 2019 fashion trend, the metallic. And we do it together with The Fashion Mob, the team of Italian fashion influencers to which I belong.

Previously, we have seen the first winter 2019 fashion trend, the leopard print look, now it is the metallic look to come to the fore.

We have interpreted it through the leather biker jackets that Dimora has created in collaboration with Gianna Nannini and of which I spoke here.

Each of us chose the color variant and the writing that best represented it and, as you can see, the result was quite varied!

Why is metallized among the winter 2019 fashion trends?

Probably because this year too the fashion of the 80s returns to the limelight, the one made of padded straps, sequins, maxipulas, leggings and metallic ones.

In America it is said “same old, same old” to say that everything always goes the same way and for stylists obviously this is a mantra.

The beauty of a very independent brand like Dimora lies in knowing how to ride a trend and make it original.

So you get to the biker jacket in metallic leather but enriched with writing and especially made with a great rockstar like Gianna Nannini.

How can the metallized be styled?

A great classic is the combination of black and gold. But you can have fun as you like as, for example, we of The Fashion Mob did. So much color and so much use of tone on tone.

The important thing is that the accessories also dialogue with the type of metallic you have chosen.

If you choose silver or pink, I strongly advise against matching gold jewelery.

Avoid combining two metallic garments together to avoid the chocolate wrap effect.

Better to “attenuate” the excessive vivacity of the metallic with simple fabrics, but if it is an important evening this advice is not valid anymore. You can easily mix the metallic with the sequins for example.

And if you want to adopt another winter 2019 fashion trend I suggest you also focus on vibrant colors.

See you soon with other trends to discover!

trend inverno 2019, metallizzato

winter 2019 fashion trend

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