White shirt, 3 tips to keep it clean

Who of you is not afraid of wearing a white shirt? I do and so I decided to share with you 3 tips or, better, 3 tricks to keep it clean! Read here!

white shirtThe white shirt is so beautiful and chic but has a great flaw, it gets dirty just looking at it or, even, just naming  it!

We women generally tend to transfer our foundation by osmosis while men print stains of sauce or oil on their white shirt.

I am a special case because both things can happen to me!

If the shirt gets dirty I feel extremely uncomfortable until I get home.

But I can’t help but buy other white shirts like this one with the tulle and polka dot sleeves that I found on FemmeLuxeFinery, a site where you can find lots of affordable clothes such as lace bodysuits.

So over the years I have tried to devise some tricks to avoid getting dirty. I had already anticipated something in this post about the white cocktail dress.

How to avoid getting your white shirt dirty

We share the tips for 3 key parts of the day of our white shirt: before we go out, while we eat and while we work.

Before going out: do I put makeup before or after wearing my white shirt?

If you decide to put makeup on before putting the shirt on, I’ll tell you a secret: once you’ve applied make-up, it will be enough to wash your hands, put a scarf on the parts of the face that can make contact with the shirt and you’re done.

If instead you decide to put on your shirt and then put on your make-up, it’s even easier. Put a sweater over your shirt and put the collar inside. Once the make-up is complete, remove the shirt, wash your hands thoroughly and you are ready to go out.

While we eat: here, various scenarios open up. If you are relatives of the Tucci family of “Poor but rich” knot the napkin around your neck comfortably (bib style) and dip into the pasta with the ragù!

If you are a slave to etiquette and want to enjoy a nice lunch or a nice dinner without the fear of dirtying your beautiful white shirt, the trick is simple. Bring a dark sweater, a jacket, a cardigan with you and wear it at the time of the meal with a lot of nonchalance, maybe a few words first to avoid arousing suspicion by saying that you are cold. It will prevent the sauce or oil from ending up on the shirt.

Now you have to know that, if you are really gentlemen of etiquette, you can also eat a kilo of bucatini all’amatriciana (the most difficult to manage) and don’t get dirty.

While we work, especially for us women it is very easy to dirty the white shirt while we work, because we touch our face and hair almost constantly.

And the transfer of make-up from the face to the white shirt is inevitable. In this case there are many different solutions but the two easiest are to wear a jacket over the shirt or take the wet wipes to the office to clean your hands whenever you need them!

How to make a black and white day look less banal

If you have followed my advice and learned not to dirty your white shirt then it’s time to think about the look.

What I wear today is a very simple outfit made of shirt and leggings that I made more particular with a pair of tall Texan boots with a square toe.

As you know by now all the cowboy boots are still in fashion this season autumn winter 2019 2020.

I have a lot of Texan boots but I was looking for a pair I had seen 5 years before worn by an American girl at a car rental in Los Angeles.

Now, do you understand that mine is really a disease? For 5 years I looked for these boots that I had seen for a few minutes in a crowded car rental!

I looked everywhere but could not find them the same, that is tall but with a square toe and a slightly beat up look.

And after only 5 years of research I finally found them and here they are at my feet!

The black and white look without these boots would have been a bit trivial but also thanks to the mini bag I found at Duedidue Showroom.

So are you ready to wear your white shirt without getting dirty?

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