White ruffle shirt by Kate Kasin

Today I propose a more classic variant of a timeless classic, here is my white ruffle shirt that I found on Kate Kasin. Do you like it ??camicia bianca con rouches

A white ruffle shirt is one of the most fashionable variants of a timeless classic, a garment that we should all have: the white shirt.

I found my beautiful and brand new white ruffle shirt on Kate Kasin and you can buy it by clicking . And with the KKFASHION code, you are entitled to a 30% discount!

The white ruffle shirt is a fashionable and very versatile garment

In these photos I interpreted it in a black tie dress-code look that is also suitable for a cocktail dress code (it is definitely not a white tie dress code I recommend), combining it with a black tulle skirt and golden sandals.

But the white ruffle shirt looks great even with a pair of jeans and with Texan boots, in fact I know it will be one of my looks!

It is also suitable for an office look over a pair of skinny pants or a pencil skirt!

Fall 2019 fashion trends say that shirts must have “important” sleeves and lots of ruffles to unchain our feminine side.

How is the fit of this shirt : I have taken an extra size because I live in constant fear of everything is short, the shirt is exactly as indicated in the size guide on the site of Kate Kasin.

The fabric is very soft and the shirt is not transparent, which I hate in white shirts!

Venice as a background for a fashion photo shoot

These photos were taken in the magical atmosphere of Venice, when we at The Fashion Mob were guests of the brand new Excess Venice Hotel.

Between a party and a breakfast, I and the photographer Chiara Gasbarri had fun (so to speak) in making some shots with the white ruffle shirt.

Here we are a few steps from the hotel which is located in the Fondamenta di San Sebastiano area and Chiara immediately noticed the iron monument you see behind me and obviously her photographer’s eye immediately pointed there!

It is a pity that Venice also has considerable side effects: pigeons.

One in particular, with an inefficient GPS system, he didn’t see me and he hit me up!

I literally found it printed on my face!

While the aforementioned pigeon resumed its path only slightly stunned by the impact I was rescued by a couple of American tourists while Chiara was laughing her head off!

In short, it’s so nice to shoot in Venice but … watch out for pigeons!

camicia bianca con rouches

camicia bianca con rouches

camicia bianca con rouches

kate kasin

camicia bianca autunno 2019

kate kasin

white ruffle shirt

white ruffle shirt

white ruffle shirt

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