White maxi dress in boho chic style

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An off the shoulder white maxi dress in pure boho chic style, I’ve been looking for it for a long time and finally I found it …. size 46! Here is the story of an impulsive but successful purchase!vestito bianco lungo

I wanted an off the shoulder white maxi dress in perfect boho chic style but I couldn’t find it anywhere, it seems absurd right?

It’s a trivial white maxi dress, how hard can it be to find it ??? Yet no online shopping site I consulted had it.

Either it was too plain, or too short, I couldn’t really find what I wanted.

The white maxi dress is perfect for summer

If you don’t tolerate heat, white is the only color to wear. If you are tanned, white will emphasize your color.

If you do not have perfectly shaved legs, the maxi dress will cover the lack of perfect hair removal.

The white maxi dress is strategic! Can’t you see??

The off the shoulder trend is still in vogue in the summer of 2019

The shoulders are one of the few things I like about me. They are the shoulders of a former water polo player (eeeeeh ??? You played water polo ???) so they are wide and quite solid. On the other hand, to support my husband I absolutely need Atlante’s shoulders 🙂

The off the shoulder trend is perfect for me, I cover some flaws and highlight my strengths!

Sometimes street shopping beats online shopping

In my case this rarely occurs but that’s what happened with this white maxi dress.

It was nowhere to be found online, so I armed myself with patience and went out shopping in the heat of the African heat!

A sweaty crazy believe me but in the end I managed to find what I was looking for …. just not my size!

But when one suffers from compulsive shopping, everything really goes well.

The facts were like this: I enter the shop, I see the dress, I rejoice, I see the size, I get depressed, I look at the salesperson, I take courage, I try on the dress and buy it.

Even if I’m size 40 and the only size left is 46!

But it suits me and the length is the right one too.

If I had taken my size I would have been aware of it.

Let’s say I found a way to justify the purchase!

To complete the look in boho chic style I chose the jewels of the Pois line by Athena Gioielli!

And because I also have a rock spirit, as accessories I chose studded sandals and bag.

Never let anyone say I’m plain

vestito bianco lungo

vestito bianco lungo

vestito bianco lungo

white maxi dress

Tips of the day

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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