White lace blouse, how to style it

One of my last days out before the lockdown decided to stop the spread of the coronavirus in Italy. A white lace blouse: beautiful but not easy to wear,  here are some advices on how to style it!

white lace blouseI bet you too, when you were little, had a white lace blouse. And that, like me, you hated it because it made you feel like a damsel in distress!

My mother bought me one when I was 14 anche she forced me to put it on even at my friends’ parties! I, who instead had a gothic and dark look!

The equivalence “white lace shirt” = “grandmother ” remained in my head.

But then I saw on Femme Luxe Finery this white lace blouse that you can find here I literally fell in love with it and I took it together with these fantastic high-waisted cargo pants!

How to match the white lace blouse to avoid the “doll” effect?

Well surely I would never wear it with a full midi skirt. The best thing is to play it down by combining it with something that is completely the opposite of the mood.

For example, a pair of jeans or a pair of faux leather trousers.

Or, as in my case, the white lace blouse can be successfully worn together with a pair of cargo pants like the ones I chose.

And to make the look even more glam I added a pair of leopard-print pumps.

Another miraculous find in my infinite closet!

So here is how a classic and retro-style garment becomes the protagonist of a more modern look with rock outlines!

The skinny cargo pants have become a bit my favorite garment, they are really beautiful and make a good physique.

Instead the leopard pumps… I realized that they are very wide now. I think it depends on the fact that they have been locked in the cellar for a long time and that they have taken a little humidity. Too bad because they were also very comfortable. I guess I’ll have to retire them again …..

The profession of fashion influencer in the time of the coronavirus

Seeing these images makes an impression on me because they were taken only about ten days ago, before the total closure of our beautiful country. A difficult, courageous and absolutely necessary decision.

There are some people who have not yet understood that we have to stay at home, that first we will respect all these rules before we will free ourselves from this nightmare.

The coronavirus or rather the COVID 19 (there are many coronaviruses) has changed the life of us Italians also mine.

I can no longer go out to take pictures, or rather I can go out on my terrace which is 10 m away from the other terraces and in my garden.

But to take pictures I would have to dress specifically and then change.

Definitely I will, to entertain myself and to entertain but it goes against what I have always preached, I shoot what I really wear.

Oh well, I can actually continue to do it, indeed tomorrow I have dinner at the restaurant ….. at home !!!!!

white lace blouse

white lace blouse

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Oh I LOVE this blouse! It looks wonderful on you. I really adore blouses like this. Glad to hear you are doing OK. Yes some people do not get it. In particular 20 somethings. And sadly in some cases they don’t care. Lets all hope that we can all come together in a good way. And it appears there in Italy people are behaving very well.

    Allie of

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