White dress code, here are some tips

Have you been invited to a party (for a few people) with a white dress code and are you afraid of looking like ice cream makers? Don’t worry: here are some useful tips for dressing in white even if you don’t sell ice cream 🙂

white dress codeWe are in full phase 2 and the desire to go out is really great, you can’t do aggregations but certainly some mini party with a few friends yes (well spaced). What if there is a white dress code? White is a fresh and very summery color and is often used in beach parties where, however, it is declined in maxi dresses or shirt-trousers suits.

What if we receive an invitation for a white cocktail dress code? This color becomes very dangerous when the look is more linear.

White dress code, what does it stand for and how to interpret it

Let’s take a cocktail dress like the one I wear and that I found here: as you can see I have chosen a model that is not too conventional. It is a midi dress but has a wide neckline and puffed sleeves.

My advice, to avoid looking like ice cream makers, is to start first of all by choosing a model that is not too conventional and has some peculiarities.

And then the choice of accessories is important, in my case I chose a maxi necklace with a dragonfly that I had not worn for a long time and that seemed perfect on this dress. At the foot I put on a pair of powder-colored sandals but with a strong rock connotation.

It is important that the accessories are not white and that they bring added value to the whole look, here you can really dare with statement heels or showy jewels. White will be able to dilute them!

And the hair? For a white dress code we can choose to bring the hair loose or gathered in an elegant messy bun like this that you see in the photos and that has a secret ….. which one? Suspence ….. I don’t tell you …. no it’s not true I tell you!

How to make a messy bun at home

Initially I did not really like this trend but then I converted. But I didn’t have enough hair or rather my hair wasn’t long enough.

So I started looking for a solution and obviously I found it on the web.

I found that there are ready-made messy buns, you just need to choose the right color. There are those with fake hair and those made with real hair that I immediately discarded. I just can’t take a dead rat on my head.

I ordered it and it came comfortably home. Ties like an elastic band around your bun and you’re done!

And have you ever been invited to a party with the white dress code?

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. What a great white dress on you, you look beautiful! I don’t have any white dresses, I am too clumsy to wear that much white, haha!

    Hope you are having a great week 🙂

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