White cocktail dress, how to style it

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Here are some useful and semi-serious tips for wearing a white cocktail dress for going out or going … to the laundry room hahahahaha! That’s a joke! Read here!

abito da cocktail biancoThere are so many different ways to wear a white cocktail dress without seeming trivial.

First of all we have to choose the right model first, for example my dress is really very particular because it is in neoprene and has a huge bow in front!

If you want it, you can find it here, along with other really fun items of clothing such as, for example, the super glam jumpsuits and frivolous shirts.

On the Femmeluxefinery website you can also find white shirts and super sexy day and evening dresses as well as co ords.

How to style a white cocktail dress

According to the etiquette, the cocktail dress code includes bon ton accessories such as a pair of pumps and a clutch bag.

In my case I finally dusted off my Valentino Rockstuds.

It was a long time since I wore them, but I have to say that as beautiful as they are they are just as uncomfortable so it’s not easy to wear them for more than a few hours.

A flashy white cocktail dress is still a white dress so if you want to avoid the ice cream man effect it is best to combine it with colorful accessories.

Valentino’s slingbacks are perfect because they are red, have a rock but gracefulmood and they are bon ton!

If you don’t have to adhere strictly to the cocktail dress code you can choose to wear your white cocktail dress with a pair of lepard prints or studded ankle boots.

And if you’re in the mood for crazy things, you can wear it even with biker boots. Choice that I do not share because it is not in my style but everyone is free to express themselves as they want and according to their personality.

How to avoid staining the white cocktail dress?

I don’t know about you but I have very serious problems with white clothing.

Having a pitying skin I am forced to resort to pounds of foundation that generally spill over my clothes.

There is a directly proportional correlation between the amount of make up and the number of spots that I will find on the dress at the end of the day.

I have now found my methods, which do not always work, but which guarantee me to arrive at night without seeming to wear a leopard print garment!

Indeed I think that in the very near future I will write a post on this topic, since I don’t think I’m the only one on this planet to have problems with white clothing!

But in the meantime I give you the first advice, wash your hands often especially your fingertips.

Why take photos in a laundry?

Since the days of a very famous Levi’s 501 advertising that you can see here, the laundry has entered the collective imagination.

All the most famous fashion magazines have at least one editorial for the year taken in laundries, in particular the automatic ones, very famous in the United States and less used, until recently, in Italy.

But we know, we Italians are slow. And we don’t like doing things ourselves.

But now things have changed a little, in Italy coin-operated laundries are increasingly popular and are even more popular among instagrammers who like to take pictures between washing machines.

So I said to myself …. why not do it too, since I have a friend who has a laundry in Cesano?

And here’s how these photos were made, they were my dream and I finally managed to take them.

Indeed I did not stop only at the laundromat but I also took others in the part served with a lot of iron in hand, I’ll show you soon but know that seeing me that ironing is a real event.

Also because I don’t know how to iron and in fact …. okay, I’ll tell you this in the next episode !!!

abito bianco da cocktail

abito bianco con fiocco

abito bianco con fiocco

white cocktail dresswhite cocktail dress

Tips of the day

  • A white cocktail dress would look great in a sportier context combined for example with a ex boyfriend trucker jacket
  • Tonight you cook a delicious pea stew in a few minutes with the pressure cooker!
  • If you plan to book your next trip right now, I suggest you read Chiara’s advice on Azerbaijan!


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