Where to buy flowers in Rome? Today I take you to one of the most fragrant instagrammable places in Rome, Sophie’s Flowers. Are you ready to see a rainbow of colors?fiori olgiata

If you want to know where to buy flowers in Rome and discover one of the Instagrammable places in the North area, you need to drop by Sophie’s Flowers at Olgiata.

You have already known Sofia because it is she who has provided us with centerpieces and gifts for our episode of Cortesie per gli Ospiti.

Sophie’s Flowers is one of the coolest places if you’re looking where to buy flowers in Rome. The shop is beautifully furnished in a shabby chic style and is obviously surrounded by flowers.

Which, dear fashion influencers, also makes it an instagrammabile place.

And since the flowers are so fashionable in our feeds, you certainly can’t miss this place.

With this opportunity, Sofia will explain to you how many truly original gifts can be made with flowers.

From stabilized roses to compound baskets, here everything smells of flowers and elegance.

It was a long time since I wanted to make a post about this beautiful shop and where to buy flowers in Rome and finally I succeeded.

And look at what shots, I dreamed of taking pictures among the flowers for too long now. Beyond the effect they have on social media, I love flowers. I find them to be the symbol of a kindness that we often forget.

Which flowers to choose? Each has a different meaning, as indicated in the language of flowers.

I chose the yellow tulips that represent a smile, a kind thought to illuminate the day of those who receive them. And I dedicate them to you who read me. Even if you don’t leave a comment I know you’re there.

One more thing you need to know is that Sofia is the mother of a classmate of my son and like all 9-year-olds, it is not like they take a lot of boys and girls.

They are still small but already we see the first signs of what will be the conflictual relationship that will characterize their adolescence.

My son is still a big baby but he will soon discover that women will upset his life!

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dove comprare fiori a roma

dove comprare fiori a roma

dove comprare fiori a roma

where to buy flowers in rome

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