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What to see in Malta in four days: here is a brief guide to the most interesting places I saw in Malta and my tips for visiting this beautiful island in a few days.cosa vedere a malta in quattro giorni

Today I present a mini guide on what to see in Malta in four days.

As you know, some time ago I was with my family and Alice in Malta, a beautiful island full of history that I recommend everyone to visit.

It would have really been very helpful to have some advice on what to see in Malta in four days because we had very tight times and above all a lot of fear to move by car as the drive is on the left.

Fortunately me, Alice and Lucy are very resourceful and we managed to see everything that interested us. In our stories you have already seen everything but we want to offer you a mini guide on what to see in Malta in four days, according to us.

La Valletta: it is the capital and UNESCO heritage. Beautiful and completely renovated, it is characterized by a breathtaking view of the port and by the colored balconies that overlook streets and alleys. In the Concattedrale di San Giovanni there are two paintings by Caravaggio: unmissable.

Mdina: it is the ancient capital with origins dating back to the Phoenician times. Strongly recommended in our guide on what to see in Malta in four days. It is precisely in Mdina, full of colorful doors and picturesque corners, that these photos were taken. The town has been restructured in order to keep its history and its beauty intact.

Megalithic temples: these are 7 structures distributed between Malta and Gozo. They are also UNESCO heritage and those of Hagar Qim and Menaidra (in Malta) have literally bewitched us. They date back to 3600 BC and are located ….. facing the cliffs! The Sicilian settlers who built them had really chosen a place with a breathtaking view.

Gozo: it is the island located in front of Malta, you can get there comfortably by ferry. Here you should definitely visit the ancient city of Rabat (or Victoria), Ramla bay and the megalithic temples of Gigantia.

Paradise bay: one of the most beautiful beaches in Malta, the others are in Comino and Gozo

Popeye Village: located near Paradise bay and you can easily visit it back from the beach. It is the film set of the film Popeye filmed at the end of the 80s and starring Robin Williams.
I hope that our advice on what to see in Malta in 4 days will be useful!

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Tips of the day:

  • To sleep in Malta I suggest you choose Valletta. Avoid St. Julian which certainly costs less but is super chaotic.
  • Tonight cook the pasta in radicchio cream
  • For your beauty routine I suggest you read this post by Esmeralda on FIlorga products.

cosa vedere a malta in quattro giorni

what to see in malta in four days

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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