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We are back in Rome, however, the story of our journey continues and today I tell you what to see in Bali: I take you to the Sacred Monkey Forest and the Tegenungan waterfalls!

Unfortunately we returned to Rome …. but on the blog and on social media the story of what to see in Bali continues.

Get ready because there will be many more posts on this beautiful island.

Today I take you to discover the Sacred Monkey Forest and the Tegenungan waterfalls.

The first place is really a great thing to see, the second it is overrated and it is popular because there are so many instagrammable places and even built ad hoc.

But let’s go with order. What to see in Bali After the rice terraces and the Luwak coffee plantation that you saw here? Surely the Sacred Monkey Forest deserves the spotlight. First because there are  monkeys (many) and secondly because it seems to be in scene from the Tomb Raider movie. Rich and very dense vegetation, many lianas, the temple, the stream, the waterfall. Lara Croft would have had a blast!

The monkeys are sociable and not aggressive. In fact I saw one of them looking at the photos on a staff member’s cell phone. I swear! A crazy thing, I never saw an animal with attention focused on something that is not 3D.

The route is also very pleasant because there are no critical points where you can’t get there easily. There are no lines as at the Lempunyang temple where a line of a hour half just is awaiting you to get the famous shot inside the Gateway to Heaven.

In the Monkey Sacred Forest you are alone, just some Americans and the monkeys of course!

In my personal guide on what to see in Bali, as a pseudo-influencer, I must also include a visit to the Tegenungan waterfalls.

The path for subsequent is more complicated and steep than that of the Monkey’s temple so I recommend comfortable and non-slip shoes.

The first instagrammable spot you will find is the famous nest suspended in the void ….. I took the photos outside, as cautios is my middle name!

Near the waterfall there are two other instagrammable location, both heart shaped..

Then there is the waterfall, beautiful but with rather brownish water. Finally, higher up there is the famous swing …. on the void !!! Yes, because underneath, 40 meters away, there is only the waterfall. Even from the swing I kept away. I am afraid of heights and I care about my life!

In any case, the waterfall is really overestimated, there are more beautiful ones in Bali even though I couldn’t see them.

In the next chapter on what to see in Bali, be prepared to enter more deeply into the Balinese culture and tradition.

I was wearing:

Traffic People dress found @Rossella Boutique

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cosa vedere a bali

cosa vedere a bali

what to see in bali waterfalls

cascate bali foto

what to see in bali

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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