What not to miss in Bali, Tirta Gangga

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What not to miss in Bali? The royal water palace of Tirta Gangga, a maze of fountains and pools surrounded by statues and plants. Come and find out with me and also not to lose a finger!
palazzo dell'acqua tirta gangga bali

What not to miss in Bali? After the monkey forest, the rice terraces, the temple on the sea today I take you to the royal water palace of Tirta Gangga!

An enchanting and spectacular place made of pools, ponds, statues and where it is possible to walk on water! As long as you manage to dodge the hordes of tourists that crowd the royal water palace every day.

And in fact …… I risked taking a dip in the water and being attacked by the gigantic and rather hungry carp that populate the main lake.

What happened? I’ll tell you about it right away: to walk on the pond there are two paths to take on the stones resting on the water but each stone can accomodate only one person. There are two larger stones on which all the photos are taken but which are always occupied. To get there you need to walk on smaller stones and wait for your turn. Now, imagine what traffic is created on the various stones as you wait, people going, people coming and everyone trying to get where they can. But if space is small, these steps are very difficult.

I was well positioned when I realized that there was a group of people coming back. How did I manage? Easy, I went to the side and I did the tightrope on two stones!

Fortunately, I didn’t fall!

But the most dangerous thing happened with the carp. You have to know that every carp in the pond is the size of a shark and that all tourists buy bags of food to take photos surrounded by the cute animals. We didn’t, because the husband didn’t want to spend oney. So instead of food, I put my finger in the water.

First the three carp that you see in the picture approached me, then from a distance I saw a kind of barracuda approaching with its mouth wide open. It was the size of a Megalodon, the prehistoric shark.

Now, I’m not afraid of animals but I seriously feared for my finger !!

That’s why the only photo I saved is the one you see in this post!

I have only 3 carp in the picture instead of 30 but my finger is safe!

Tirta Gangga means water from the Ganges.  The name refers to the water palace built in 1948 by the Raja of Karangasem. It is also the name of the area that includes the royal water palace and the rural area around where there are magnificent rice terraces. .

It’s definitely at the top of the list of what not to miss in Bali, you can’t not go there. And if you leave a finger there, never mind! You have 9 more!

I was wearing 

W les Femmes dress found @Rossellaboutique

Gardini Spirit studded sandals

cosa vedere a bali, palazzo dell'acqua tirta gangga

cosa non perdere a bali palazzo dell'acqua

cosa non perdere a bali tirta gangga

what not to missi in bali royal water palace

sandali estate 2019 gardini spirit

Tips of the day

  • In the list of what not to miss in Bali I also put Balinese traditions, with houses and dances.
  • What to eat in Bali? the official dish is the Nasi Goreng or fried rice.
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