Western style with a folk twist

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The western style is another of the winter trends 2019, today I give you some advice on how to interpret it in a folk way and make it easier!stile western folk

The western style is together with the leopard print look, one of the favorite autumn-winter trends 2018-2019.

Today I want to give you some half-serious advice on how to make it become a daily style through the reinterpretation in a folk key thanks to the velvet skirt of 24.25.

The western style definitely provides a Texan style hat, mine I took during the trip to the  Monument Valley and was the subject of discussion (tragicomics) between me and the husband.

While we were driving around Las Vegas and the surrounding area, where EVERYBODY and their uncle and 5 of his closest friend have a hat on their heads, the Husband kept telling me: “You’re ridiculous, you look like JR in Dallas”. But why am I ridiculous and the other millions of Americans are not? Moral of the story: he always tries to forbid me to wear it in Rome but fortunately I fiercely oppose.

Another important detail of the western style is the cowboy boot but the original one is really ugly ugly ugly. Low but elusive heel, shark fin tip and zero comfort. Fortunately, today there are more modern and glam interpretations such as the cowboy boots with stars that of course I immediately proceeded to buy in two different models! Clint Eastwood stand aside!

And then fringes, fringes and other fringes.

The basic theme is that I would like to go around dressed as a cowgirl but Italy is not ready for this 🙂 imagine the looks of people in my passage!

Here is added a folk touch, that is more inspired by 70s fashion and the 24.25 striped velvet skirt is the right compromise.

Another flash of folk is given by the set of Athena Gioielli that seems to come directly from the 70s.

So in the end it came out an outfit halfway between the western style and the folk style and luckily my husband was not in the neighborhood otherwise he would surely have made me go home and change me.

Well, he would have tried, in fact, because even when I am subjected to his most vehement protests, he must resign himself.

Dear Husband, if you married me that means it was all right, so what do you want to protest now after 18 years of marriage?

P.S. remember that if we divorce the house remains to me !!! 🙂


athena gioielli linea pois

western style

stile western folk

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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