Western style look

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Here I am with a western style look but with a romantic-rock touch. The lace dress that I have found at Baby On Line is very romantic but combined with a belt and cowboy rock ankle boots turns into a western-style garment!

look stile westernIt is very easy to put together a western style look since it is all about the accessories: take, for example, an adorable blue lace dress, which you can buy here (https://www.babyonlinewholesale.com/2018-lace-dress-female-robe-casual-1950s-rockabilly-high-low-sleeveless-swing-summer-dresses-g1346?cate_2=149) on Baby Online Wholesale (https://www.babyonlinewholesale.com/) a crazy site that sells lots of lace dresses (https://www.babyonlinewholesale.com/lace-dresses-c116), and combine it with a pair of Texan boots with stars and a cowboy belt and you will see that even a romantic garment can magically turn into a western style look.

The western style look is one of the fall 2019 fashion trends

The western style has been with us for some seasons now and think about the fact that I have been searching for a pair of high-heeled, square-toed Texan boots for ever I guess. Finally I found them and soon I’ll show you them in another more winter-ish look!

Even the 2019 fall fashion trends include a deep dive into the far west, so yes to dresses with flounces, cowboy boots and star belts!

By the way, browsing instagram I realized that now there are even groups of fans of the western style look!

I grew up among horses and my horse, in particular, had arrived with martingale and an American saddle,

Now imagine a red-haired girl dressed as a cowboy who rode through the cornfields with her trusty steed. I was that one!

My horse was a true circus phenomenon, ask cousin Esmeralda! Very clever, he could open the stable door on his own and eat everything he could find.

In the morning he knocked on the door with his hooves and he had eggnog served (he was very greedy) and for me it would have given its life.

But when my mother got into the saddle ….. well he suddendly turned into a rodeo horse.

Not always, only when my mother scolded him! Ah what beautiful memories I have!

The lace dress is an extremely versatile garment

Going back to today’s western style look, the idea started with the blue lace dress.

Despite having a rather classic cut, it has the peculiarity of being asymmetrical and this detail certainly makes it more modern.

In any case, a lace dress is still considered a bon ton item of clothing but I don’t like this style that much, that’s why I decided to interpret it in a more flashy look, in line with my style.

Do you like the result?

All photos were taken in the indoor market of Ponte Milvio by Claudia Frijo!

look stile western

look stile western

vestito in pizzo

vestito in pizzo blu

western style look

western style look

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