Are you really sure you want to marry and you want to do it in the Eternal City? Here’s where to organize your wedding in Rome: in the splendid setting of Villa Majestic Dafne!
dove organizzare matrimoni a Roma

I have been married for almost 19 years but if you are about to take the big step, today I will tell you where to organize a wedding in Rome in a fairytale place without raising a finger!

Yes, because everything is smoothly carried out by Flavia, the director of Villa Majestic Dafne, a truly lovely and timeless place, perfect for organizing your wedding in Rome.

Perfect both as a location and for the fact that you will not have to worry about anything, Flavia, the volcanic director, will think of everything for you.

Nothing escapes her, she has a thousand ideas and is a real problem solver.

All you have to do is trust her and … rest!

I wish I had this luck. To organize my Italian wedding, I sweated 7 shirts. Between the choice of music, the catering, the menu, the table setting, I did not even remember who I had to marry and in the end we were both so tired that we forgot to give the favors: they stayed at home for 2 years !!!

Villa Majestic Dafne is an ideal location to organize a wedding in Rome, offering both indoor and outdoor spaces and with a magnificent view of the pool.

Located in Northern Rome, it is far from the noisy Roman traffic, being immersed in the green of the Lazio countryside.

I have already shown other nice corners of this villa in this post and also in this one and you will soon see another look taken in this magnificent context.

For these photos I chose a look suitable for a black tie dress code with a Grace Karin evening dress.

It is a suitable color to participate as a guest at a wedding because, as you know, the forbidden colors are black and white unless they are broken by colored accessories.

So if you have the certainty of having found the right man and want to organize your wedding in Rome, this is the villa for you.

If you then realize that you have married the wrong person … no problem! at Villa Majestic Dafne they also organize divorce parties!

Yes, you have understood correctly, it seems that it is a new tendency to celebrate the dissolution of marriage … I could use one!

P.S. for once the husband, in making these shots has neither scoffed nor snorted …. I think he felt observed!

dove organizzare matrimoni a roma

wedding in rome villa majestic dafne

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