Wedding etiquette: the maid of honor

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After the wedding witness dress, we continue to talk about wedding etiquette and see how the poor and stressed-out maid of honor must dress, the one who basically has to do everything!

galateo del matrimonio

The perfect wedding etiquette does not exist, but there is the emergency room for  the maid of honor, the most stressed woman on earth, the one who must ensure that everything runs smoothly for the bride.

The first thing to do is dress her up.

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The wedding etiquette for the maid of honor begins with her gown

The maid of honor, according to the wedding etiquette, must be dressed in a way that is appropriate to the wedding dress code.

If the wedding takes place in the evening, the dress code is comparable to a black tie, if the wedding takes place during the day then you can opt for a cocktail dress code.

In practice it is the same etiquette as the wedding witness one.

The color of the dress must be the same as that of simple bridesmaids. No to black, white or red and yes to pastel colors.

Who is the maid of honor?

In recent years, in Italy the fashion of bridesmaids and maid of honor has landed. A trend imported directly from the United States and which is becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

Even cousin Emi had her swarm of bridesmaids!

The maid of honor, unlike the other bridesmaids, is a kind of wedding planner.

On her shoulders, in fact, fall most of the marriage and the bachelorette party organization.

She is often more stressed than the bride herself and if something goes wrong she takes the blame.

In essence, the bridesmaid is the bride’s armed extension!

Maid of honor at the cinema

The film that made the figure of the maid of honor more popular is 27 dresses, with the very nice Katherine Heigl forced to do the bridesmaid in 27 gowns, with 27 different looks.

At one point she opens her closet and realizes that it is a kaleidoscope of extravagant clothes and that she has been a bridesmaid too many times. It’s time to get married!

In the Italian wedding etiquette , the figure of the maid of honor was not contemplated until a few years ago, this role was of the witness of the wedding but had fewer duties than the maid of honor proper.

Today we have to deal with an Italian wedding that no longer has the flavor of the past but has turned into a cosmopolitan ritual.

So, hoping she will survive ….. long life to the maid of honor!

Ph. Credits Chiara Gasbarri

galateo del matrimonio abito damigella d'onore

vestito damigella d'onore

galateo del matrimonio

wedding etiquette maid of honor

wedding etiquette maid of honor gown

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  1. Hi Francesca
    Your dress is amazing!!
    In Portugal we dont have the maid of honor tradition!!!
    But things are changing and we are import USA traditions too.

  2. What a beautiful lace maxi dress! My maid of honour wore a maxi dress at my wedding too! 🙂

    Hope that you have had a great weekend 🙂

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