Vinyl leggings: how to style them

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They’ve been in vogue since last year but I never liked them, then I saw them in pink and I fell in love with them. Here are the vinyl leggings and I’ll tell you how to match them!

vinyl leggingsVinyl leggings came back to life about 1 year ago. They are a sub-product of the 80s and do not have a good reputation. The black ones, especially, are associated with mythological figures of women who dominate men with whips and stilettos.

Maybe that is one of the reasons why I’ve never been convinced to buy them.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t practice BDSM so I wouldn’t have a problem wearing a pair of black vinyl leggings, but I don’t know why, I find them excessive even for me.

Pink vinyl leggings are much less aggressive

When I first saw them on FemmeLuxeFinery, an online store that also sells many party dresses, I fell in love with them.

If you like them, you can find them here, I find them really fabulous and not very aggressive.

Fortunately, I would say,  since I just can’t see myself in the role of dominatrix ha ha ha ha ha.

And to show you that these pink vinyl leggings can also be romantic, I decided to go and shoot, together with Chiara Gasbarri, in the pink bar in Rome, Tiramibloom, which I’ll talk about very soon!

How to style shiny pants

Since they are very showy (especially if they are black or red) it is best to combine vinyl leggings with a delicate, preferably neutral top.

I chose to wear a white sweater that I found last year from Zara and I also found a Kitsch headband of the same color!

Let’s say that even though my husband immediately criticized me as soon as he saw these pants, once worn like that he almost changed his mind. Almost though.

The very interesting thing about this type of pants is that being quite snug …. they emphasize the figure without weighing it down.

In fact, I will tell you that I find them very restraining, so I even get a few pounds off!

In the end I’m happy to have taken them because I really like them a lot, I find them original and comfortable and give that extra touch to a look that could be trivial.

And did you convert to vinyl leggings? If yes, what color did you take them?

Tips of the day

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vinyl leggings

vinyl leggings


Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Ooooh, I love them. I don’t really wear them as the black ones looks so harsh on me but these pink ones look perfect, might try them out!! They look gorgeous on you :))) x

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