Velvet in summer, yay or nay?

Is it appropriate to wear velvet in summer? I bet most of you would say no, but you should know that velvet is a very cool fabric suitable for summer. Look at this dress for example …..

velvet in summerVelvet in summer? Naaaah! In the collective imagination, this fabric is associated with winter and the need to cover yourself.

But in reality velvet can also be a very light fabric, it all depends on the material with which it is made.

Initially made with silk, velvet has undergone a strong evolution over the years. Today this fabric can be made of cotton, mohair or be synthetic.

Velvet in summer, silk, cotton or synthetic?

Well for sure in summer you can’t think of using wool or mohair velvet so I would say that in summer the velvet must be silk, cotton or even with a light synthetic fiber.

I chose this synthetic red velvet dress, which in addition to being very enveloping is also very fresh, ideal for a summer evening and in fact we took this look just before going out for dinner.

It is a very particular cut dress and it took me a while to understand how it should be worn but in the end I am really happy to have taken it and even “Grumble”, namely my  husband, has appreciated so much that he took these photos without a blink.

I liked it immediately for the asymmetrical neckline and the fringes in glitter on the hem and also for the color, it also fits in with the wall of the house!

For the occasion, I also managed to find a pair of sandals that I think are about 10 years old but that are still perfect, as if I had never worn them …. in fact! Hahahahaha!

Is red good for redheads?

being a redhead, I have always been advised against wearing red, however it is a color that I love to the point of risking a chromatic conflict.

Green and blue are good for us redheads, colors that I love but in short I can’t always dress the same way, can I?

I spent a large part of my life lightening my hair, I was blonde with streaks, cob blonde, platinum blonde.

But in addition to having ruined my hair every time, which was originally thick and thick, I also realized that the blond is very bad for me, it ages me.

So I’ve been back to my natural, or rather unnatural, color for quite some time now, because having white hair I have to do the tint.

And what do you say? Do you use velvet in summer?

velluto in estate

Selvaggia Capizzi

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