Vegetable garden with kids

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Here is “the vegetable garden of Ludo”: today I explain to you why having a vegetable garden with kids is important and how to make children eat vegetables in a healthy and fun way!

Hi sweeties, with today’s article I would like to talk about the beautiful vegetable garden of Ludo and why having a  vegetable garden with kids can solve many problems and make them eat vegetables without having to lash out at them!

Has anyone already heard about my vegetable garden?

I don’t think so … ..but I think it appropriate to let you know that the Ludo vegetable garden is a magical place, housed in an unused corner of the house and protected along the perimeter by a thick laurel cherry hedge, where I spend a lot of time in close contact with the nature!

Oh yes, you’ve got it right … your beloved Ludo the Imp has a vegetable garden of his own, where, assisted by his popes, he devotes himself to cultivating lots of seedlings in his spare time.

Don’t believe it? Look a little at the pictures I have attached to you?

Taking care of the vegetable garden with kids is not just a fun game

The idea was born from my parents who, given my multiple food intolerances, have thought of growing some products at home, in a decidedly healthier and more genuine way than those normally found on the market!

Right from the start I understood the importance of making a vegetable garden with kids : I noticed, in fact, that growing outdoors and nourishing myself with healthy and genuine products, I grew optimally!

Hooray! And then how nice it is to be outdoors, in close contact with nature … the scent of the earth, the colors of the various plants, the biological cycle of life …

By now I could not help but think of my home without Ludo’s vegetable garden! It has become a meeting point for my family, where we all collaborate in total harmony and happiness!

If children do not eat vegetables, involve them in the care of the garden

The fact of personally taking care of my garden made me think a lot. If the plants water them, then I eat them more willingly, they are the fruit of my work.

I like to see them grow and know that it is my merit. I also like the fact that I’ll be eating them!

Do you want to put the satisfaction of collecting many delicious products?

I hope I have intrigued you …

I greet you sweeties and refer you to the next post.

Ludo the Imp


L'orto di Ludo

L'orto di Ludo

L'orto di Ludo

vegetable garden with kids

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Ludo the Imp

Ludo the Imp

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  1. Hi
    That’s a great idea!! This post remenbers me my post The farmer wants a husband about my oncle’s vegetal garden!!
    Ludo you did a great job, congrats!!

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