Tulle skirt with stars, why you should have one

My closet was missing a tulle skirt with stars, yeah… right! Even if I have more tulle skirts than a ballerina, today I tell you why you absolutely have to buy this model, it’s a matter of economy!

gonna in tulle con stelleHow many tulle skirts do you think I have? And why did I also buy the tulle skirt with stars?

To the first question I answer by making a couple of calculations:

1 white and black skirt

1 black skirt

2 pink skirts (or rather 3 with this one)

1 fluorescent yellow skirt

1 lilac skirt

So at the moment it seems that I have 6 tulle skirts but I am sure I have forgotten others.

Why buy a tulle skirt with stars? (Especially if you already have many like me …..)

A tulle skirt with stars is a very smart choice from an economic point of view (or so I want to lie to myself) because it can be used both day and evening. It’s a 2 in 1 skirt!

Don’t believe it? Here is the example: a daytime look created around the skirt.

Sweater with “Hug me” writing (you never know someone could really do that), Levi’s jeans jacket and Aldo Shoes winter 2020 boots help to play down an important skirt like this.

If you are wondering where I went dressed like that, I tell you that I was in Formello where we celebrated her husband’s birthday (in late delay due to close encounters with the emergency room).

So a completely informal day in which this look turned out to be suitable.

How to transform a look with the right accessories

Close your eyes and now imagine this tulle skirt with stars combined with an elegant blouse, a pair of décolleté and a clutch bag and here’s how a day look turns into an evening look.

And without spending an extra euro! I always tell my husband that I am thrifty but I don’t know why he continues to accuse me of spending too much.

He says that my 5 wardrobes are about to explode and that sooner or later I will be responsible for the collapse of the building in which we live.

It is not true, I believe I still have a lot to buy but I am trying to make him happy and to buy clothing that can be used day and night.

Of course, this skirt is absolutely not suitable for an office look but it is perfect for day and night weekends.

And since I really like tulle skirts, I am sure that I will buy even more, in fact I already know that the next one will be white!

gonna in tulle con stelle

tulle skirt with stars

tulle skirt with stars

tulle skirt with stars

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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