Tricot crew neck sweater by Kate Kasin

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A white tricot crew neck sweater is a classic that cannot be missed in our wardrobe. It is a last minute option that solves many situations of indecision. Mine is oversized and I found it on Kate Kasin!

tricot round neck sweaterCover up, it’s cold outside! My mother would have liked this tricot crew neck sweater, she who as soon as I left the house chased me while checking the weight of my clothes.

Now that winter 2020 is approaching we must resign ourselves and start looking for heavier clothes.

I immediately took a white tricot crew neck sweater that I found on Kate Kasin and that you can buy here with a 30% discount, using the KKFASHION discount code when checking out.

How to wear an oversized tricot crew neck sweater

In the 80s, sweaters were very large, they were called maxipull. We usually wore them with leggings or as a dress.

Today we are almost in 2020, wearing oversized sweaters with leggings is still very current, it is, a little less, wearing them as dresses.

In today’s look I wore the oversize tricot crew neck sweater over a black maxidress and since I wanted a touch of color on the black and white look, I decided to wear the yellow Texan boots you’ve already seen in this look.

This outfit is suitable for a day with children, school, work or even a weekend with friends.

But what style is it? I can’t classify it, I can only say it’s my style!

Perhaps, and I say perhaps, we could call it a western grunge style, there, I also launched a new style!

The oversized tricot crew neck sweater and long dress recall the “shabby” style of the grunge movement, but the Texan boot gives it a western-like mood.

Where to take pictures in Ponte Milvio

“Chiara but where do we take these pictures?”

“There, see where the empty parking lot is?”

“But Chiara, in fact, is empty, isn’t it better to go and shoot on the bridge ?!”

“Noooo, the bridge too popular, let’s do it in the parking lot, next to the tires, then take a look at the wiriting FIGHT”

“But it takes binoculars to see it!”

And so it was that the new location to take pictures in Ponte Milvio is the parking lot where the old market stood.

That day was closed due to construction work so much that I walked around several times to park!

But in the end I have to say that she was right, the colored tires are photogenic and the word “fight” …. I want to see if you can see it!

tricot crew neck sweater

tricot crew neck sweater

tricot crew neck sweater

tricot crew neck sweater

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