In the last century the total black look was associated with fatal or mournful events but in the 80s it became so popular that it became a trend: that of the darks. And I was one of them! My way of course!

total black lookThe total black look today is really very popular indeed it is a real last minute look fixer. If you don’t know what to wear, wear black. If you have a few extra pounds. wear black. If you have an elegant evening, wear black …..

If your name is Selvaggia Capizzi, you are an influencer over 40 …. wear black with a long dress of 24. 25 clothing, a faux leather jacket and a really cool belt that works as a pouch that, instead, I found from Gav29.

But until the last century things were very different …. black had very different meanings …..

Total black look between fashion and prejudice

Until the advent of the 80s, the total black look was associated with bad luck.

Those in mourning wore black and even the jetters were represented dressed entirely in this color.

Then in the 80s black becomes an iconic color so much that it gives rise to a very important movement, that of the goths, boys and girls who dressed and made up in black with a gothic look.

The most representative band of the dark era were The Cure, famous for a claustrophobic video in which the singer was locked in a closet.

In Italy, the dark look contrasted with that of the paninari, guys who were passionate about Levi’s 501, Moncler and Clarks down jackets on their feet.

Not being able to dress with baggy jeans and flat shoes I had embraced the dark style even if I didn’t wear black make-up and I had toned down the gothic punk look.

Yes, because the darks, it is said that they were saddened punks …. I was not punk and for sure I was not sad but I liked the total black look and the studs very much.

Too bad, however, that my ferocious math teacher did not like them, who the first time she saw me gave me a nice 5 and 1/2 claiming that my look certainly couldn’t make me think of a person dedicated to study.

But dear Prof …. I have shown you that the dress does not make the monk and in the end you were forced to give me 8!

Wearing black today is no longer associated with bad luck

In short, in the end the situation was reversed and today wearing black is no longer considered unbecoming.

Incredible how some prejudices take centuries to unhinge but when this happens everything changes at the speed of light-

Today, wearing black is considered elegant especially when combined with silver or gold.

And what relationship do you have with black? Do you like wearing it?

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Selvaggia Capizzi

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