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Everybody immediately imagines it with snow, some have never seen it without a white blanket. Today I tell you about things to do in Cortina in spring and, above all, I tell you where to stay to be fashionable even while you sleep!

Things to do in Cortina in spring? Yes, because Cortina is not just ski and snow slopes. Cortina also bewitches you in spring-summer with its green forests, its lakes and the picturesque background created by the snow-capped Dolomites.

In addition to telling you the things to do in Cortina in spring, I also want to talk about the wonderful experience that we of The Fashion Mob have experienced at Hotel Ambra Cortina, a splendid luxury & fashion boutique hotel owned by Elisabetta Dotto, the true protagonist of this story , a perfect hostess and thanks to her we could experience Cortina to the full.

So here is a mini guide on the things to do in Cortina in spring:

Where to sleep in Cortina: The Hotel Ambra Cortina is located a few steps from Corso Italia and the Monte Faloria facilities.

In all there are 24 rooms including 5 Luxury Roof Rooms such as Aphrodite, in which we are portrayed when we wake up, furnished with antiques and handicrafts from Ampezzo and a whirlpool tub with a view to the room.

I was hosted in one of the 11 Superior Emotion rooms in warm shades of green and amber. But there are also 8 Classic rooms with Cinema, Fashion, Nature and Theater themes.

W had a rich and, above all, genuine breakfast on the terrace bar, enjoying the pure air and the view on the Dolomites!

The most exciting experience is when we discovered that the Mirandolina suite, a real fashion & luxury jewel, had been transformed into the wardrobe of the “Locandiera di Cortina”. Here Elisabetta had stowed, in fact, all her clothes, shoes and bags and I guarantee you that she beats me by far both in quantity and quality!

So I liked her things that for the last evening I even stole a skirt!

Things to do in Cortina when there is no snow: a nice trip to Cortina and surroundings with the assisted bikes of Vito Dadié of SnowService. And since Elisabetta does not neglect any details, we also biked with Paolino Tassi, one of the best mountain guides ever. Thanks to them I even learned to ride a bike (I did a real accelerated course)!

Where to eat in Cortina: Villa Sandi where you can taste a fantastic DOP ham Dallavia, Al Camin and Al Passetto di Giorgio Ghedina where, besides having devoured a nice plate of Casiunzei all’ampezzana, we also had the pleasure to meet Kristian Ghedina, the unrivaled ski champion!

A special thanks to Elisabetta Dotto who made us discover not only the things to do in Cortina in spring but also gave us an incredible fashion & luxury travel experience. And to Elisabetta I say: if you get tired of some clothes or accessory …. you know where to find me!

Thanks also to the talented Ariana Currò who took these shots and thanks to the two soon-to-be-saints who have accompanied us on this journey: Daniel and Edoardo. But this is another story and it deserves a separate chapter!

The Fashion Mob Goes To Cortina continues in the next episode …..

Breakfast in Hotel Ambra

cosa fare a cortina in primavera

My room

miglior albergo a cortina

The Mirandolina suite 

things to do in cortina

Luxury Roof room Afrodite wearing Ottaviani jewels


cosa fare a cortina in primavera

With Giorgio and Kristian Ghedina and, obviously Elisabetta, Al Passetto

cosa fare a cortina in primavera

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

fashion blogger di roma, influencer over 40 amo condividere la mia passione per la moda e soprattutto definirmi l'unica, vera, originale (s) fashion blogger

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  1. Hello Francesca
    I love those kind of meetings with other friends bloggers. And you did it in great style. The hotel seems to be wonderful. The pics are great, loved the one with the towels on the head. Talking about soon-to-be-saints today i talk about a saint and the most incredible story of my life. You can even imagine. Lots of love from the portuguese friend Marisa

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