The temple on the lake in Bali, Ulun Danu

Today I show you the temple on the lake in Bali of Ulun Danu, more famous and photographed than the temple on the sea of ​​Tanah Lot. Here everyone competes to take the best photo, so much so that it is difficult to find a free corner!

Try it yourself to take a picture famous temple on the lake in Bali of Ulun Danu ! Finding a free space is a real task. Yes, because this is one of the most photographed temples by the instagrammers!

Who takes the photo with the boat as it approaches the temple, who among the flowers. In short, everyone tries to be creative.

Yet the temple on the lake in Bali is certainly not more beautiful than the sea temple of Tanah Lot.

Indeed if you want my opinion, sea beats lake 1 to 0.

Yet everyone competes to take the best photo in this temple.

I didn’t find the boat, or rather they were there but you couldn’t climb on it, so I shot where I found a free space. A little here and a little there.

Always trying not to be ran over by the crowd.

The temple on the lake in Bali is really very beautiful and evocative but if I had to have my say, the most beautiful part is the wonderful gardens, full of colorful flowers, which are located behind the temple.

This is where my son lived for the third time the experience of being a star.

Yes, because I should be the influencer but in reality it is he who is always immortalized in the selfies of the various tourists who just spot him go crazy for him.

A few days earlier the same thing had happened in Tirta Gangga and last year in Thailand he had been the protagonist of countless shots.

We have not understood why, as soon as we turn around, he is surrounded by tourists who are queuing up to take a selfie with him.

At this point I think he is the real influencer, I could even think of making me pay for every shot !!! The truth is that the husband, as a good entrepreneur, immediately saw the opportunity for new earnings.

Obviously a joke, we are very jealous of our son, but seeing him so confused after the photo sessions and the crowd of people around him makes us smile.

In any case, if you are in Bali you should definitely visit the temple on the lake, it’s really worth it and I hope you will be luckier than us and that there are fewer people!

tempio sul lago a bali ulun danu


temple on the lake in bali

temple on the lake in bali ulun danu

tempio sul lago bali, unlun danu

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  1. Hi Francesca
    You ound a place real cool because you and the temple are the stars of these pics… okay and your dress is gorgeoussss!!
    All the pics are amazing!! You look like a chic local woman!!

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