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How are the beaches in Bali? Not that good! If you think of a Caribbean sea, well forget it, the sea in Bali, except for a few rare exceptions, is very dirty. Today I tell you where to find a decent beach!
mare a bali karma beach

If you plan to go to the beach in Bali or if your travel plan is to dive into a Caribbean sea then I suggest you change your destination. The sea in Bali has nothing to envy to our dirtiest ones in terms of litter. So much so that we tourists started helping to clean it up.

Let me explain better, we were on the beach of our hotel in Nusa Dua, which on paper is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali.

The reality is that it could potentially be, if it were not submerged by the litter that is brought from the sea.

The poor servants of the hotel (5-star) did nothing but fill garbage bags.

In the end we all dived into the sea to collect rubbish, but the more we picked it up, the more it came.

It is a real pity that the sea in Bali is in these conditions.

There are some cleaner beaches and we have found one, for example, Karma Beach, where, however, to get in you have to make a mortgage.

For heaven’s sake, you are served and revered, complete with a sunshade, padded beds, waiters on the beach … but you pay for it.

And yet there, if you look closely, you can see a plastic bottle behind me.

So? Then I finally explain to myself why photos of the Bali pools are very popular on instagram. At least those are clean!

What you see in the photos is the swimming pool of our hotel and behind me is the beach. In the end we were all in the pool.

In essence, the sea in Bali is not that good but the island offers much more inland as the Sacred Monkey Forest, the rice terraces, the temple on the sea, the Balinese houses ….. in short, there are so many things to see in Bali, so many that the sea really takes a back seat.

One thing is certain, the sea in Bali is suitable for those who surf because the waves are high and there are well-equipped beaches for surfers.

For those who like snorkeling, I recommend organizing a boat trip on the nearby island of Lembonang where the fauna is simply amazing, there are huge and colorful fish.

I was wearing Raffaella D’Angelo swimsuit found @rossellaboutique

mare a bali inaya putri nusa dua

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Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Hi Francesca
    First you are in great shape woman!!
    Second, today I talk in bali too on my blog ah!
    I thought the beachaes were great in Bali, that’s new to me what you tell in these post!!
    But as you say there so many things to see that it doesn’t matter!! I saw your baeutiful pics on Insta.

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