The role of influencers in the coronavirus emergency

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They are often derided and mistreated but are never ignored. Never as in this case the role of influencers is fundamental to keep people at home! Yes, because it seems that some of us have not yet understood what #iorestoacasa means and that we are still in full coronavirus emergency.

the role of influencersPeople who walk quietly on the Navigli or in the alleys of Genoa and Naples, in short, many have not understood that we still have to stay at home. The role of the influencers is strategic to spread the #stayathome message!

Because we are still in full coronavirus emergency. The numbers say that we are finally getting out of it (except in Lombardy apparently) but a small misstep is enough to fall back into the abyss.

We are experiencing a situation that is like “the twilight zone” but which unfortunately is reality. It really feels like being in a bad movie. Only in this case we will write the ending. And, I don’t know about you, but I would like a happy ending, which is why we must continue to stay at home. All!

The role of influencers in the coronavirus emergency

Influencer = the one who influences others’ opinions.

Since there are still many who continue to live the same life they did before, convinced that they will not be affected by the sad fate of being infected, it is really necessary that those who have realized the situation should be an example for others. Among these, the role of influencers takes on even greater importance because they have greater media exposure and influence others’ opinions.

Even now that the numbers are definitely improving, it is not yet time to loosen the grip despite the declamations of some politicians who seek only popularity. We have to start again, of course, but with caution otherwise we will find ourselves at the starting point.

And if the economic damage is already of unprecedented proportions try to imagine what would happen with a second epidemic wave!

How to organize the day at home

I organized myself to stay at home and live the day as if the coronavirus emergency did not exist.

In the morning I help my son with the video lessons and in the afternoon I check his homework.

Every day I connect via whatsapp with some friends and we train for about 40 minutes at zumba or crossfit rhythm.

I follow a daily beauty routine that does not make me regret the beautician and I also know how to be a perfect hairdresser.

On the weekend we organize the ristocasa or the restaurant at home. We set the table according to etiquette, we dress well and cook special dishes as if we were at the restaurant.

And for photographic shots I already have very precise sets either at home or in the garden.

In short, staying at home is possible, it is everyone’s duty and it is also the only way to be free as soon as possible!

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the role of influencers

the role of influencers

the role of influencers

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