The return of the double faced jacket

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In the 90s it was a real must have, everyone had it: finally. in 2020. the double faced jacket is back in fashion, basically it’s like having two jackets in one. So let’s start saving …. yeah like it’s true!giacca reversibile donna

The double faced jacket was all the rage in the late 80’s, early 90’s, we all have one, including. Honestly? I hated it. My mother had imposed it on me and it seemed to me a “hogwash” and instead she was really smart, but I only understood it now.

For years, various brands have tried to propose the double faced jacket or the reversible  jacket but there has never been one that has conquered me, until ….. I saw it, a reversible jacket with both sides to my taste.

How is a double faced jacket made? What does double face mean?

The definition according to dictionary says: Double-sided fabric, fabric that presents, two different sides both suitable for the color and for the design and the weaving of the threads.

A double faced jacket therefore has two sides that have buttons and pockets.

In my case, Oof’s jacket has one side of faux fur and one side of patent leather.

And I like both sides even though I tend to use the latter more because it reminds me of 80s fashion.

The hood is the same for both sides and is therefore made of faux fur.

I liked this jacket so much that I also have it in another version, gold eco-leather and pink eco-fur, just to not go unnoticed …..

Shop my closet: a brilliant idea to save money

If we are wise and want to be thrifty, in addition to buying a reversible jacket, we can also shop in our closet.

I have seen many fashion bloggers who have rescued pieces from their closet that have been forgotten and still very fashionable. That’s why I thought I’d do the same thing.

Instead of buying yet another pair of shoes I thought well to arm myself with a spade and pickaxe and go hunting in my shoe rack and I recovered these Guess ankle boots that you recently saw here and prehistorically here …..

They are really beautiful and I almost forgot to have them, that’s why now I will go looking for other archaeological finds, I am sure I still have many even if I have given many things.

giacca reversibile

giacca reversibile

giacca reversibile

double faced jacket

double faced jacket

double faced jacket

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