The Ideal backpack for basketball

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It’s time to go back to sport and today we talk about basketball where clothing is also fundamental: here is the ideal backpack for basketball by Levi’s, the pack olympic model.zaino ideale per il basket

The ideal backpack for basketball? We’ll talk about it  today in this article about going back to sport, but focusing on outdoor activities!

I have to admit it, I’m not yet ready to get into indoor work outs at the gym: thanks to the beautiful days I decided to focus on outdoor sports.

So, today,  we talk about basketball: advices, exercises without forgetting that the eye also wants its part.

Clothing is important as well as accessories: that’s why I chose the ideal backpack for basketball by Levi’s, the Pack Olympic model.

Playing basketball requires natural skills, but you can still become a good player with training, physical and technical, and learning to master the mental aspects of the game.

Improve the dribble. Some experts believe that ball control is the most important skill in the game.

You should not think too much about the dribble if you have trained enough.

Improve this fundamental with specific exercises.

But not only: improve the passage because it is a fundamental that basketball players must master.

Do not forget that you have to take care of your physical shape.

You will need to do workouts that improve your fitness and do not do exercises just because you have fun.

An explosive first step or a great jumping ability are two icing on the cake.

Mattia Lo Re

lo zaino per il basket dettagli

lo zaino ideale per il basket palleggi

lo zaino ideale per il basket canestro

lo zaino ideale per il basket lancio

lo zaino ideale per il basket canestro

ideal backpack for basketball

lo zaino ideale per il basket levi's L pack Olympic

Tips of the day

  • If we talk about an ideal backpack for basketball this Levi’s is absolutely perfect but you can also use it to ride a bike or in the mountains.
  • Are you passionate about the 80s? Have you seen the new look of the Levi’s 501 CT?
  • If you are celiac or have a celiac at home, read how to make gluten-free gnocchi.
Mattia Lo Re

Mattia Lo Re

Interior Design, Fashion, Men Fashion Blogger fratello di Alessia (collaboratrice per la parte fashion ed eventi su Milano) mi sono laureato allo Ied di Milano in Interior Design con il Progetto ideato per la Virgin Active. Tra le mie grandi passioni troviamo anche la moda…l’attenzione per il dettaglio sia negli outift di tutti i giorni che in quelli serali è alla basa del mio abbigliamento.

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