The dark side of fashion influencers

They will bury me like that … between my bags, the mobile phone melted and the PC in my hand. Here is the dark side of fashion influencers, what is hidden behind the scenes that few know and understand.

When, as a joke, I imagine how I will leave this world (hopefully as late as possible and with all the brain gears in place) I see myself as this: surrounded by my bags, dressed up, with the mobile phone and the PC in hand. This is the result of what I call the dark side of fashion influencers, or what is behind the glossy world of us fashion bloggers and that has nothing glossy at all.

Do you want to know how the typical day of a fashion influencer is? Especially mine?

Wake up at 7. Set in motion of a child and husband, breakfast. Expedition of Husband and child to their respective places of work and study. Turn on PC and smartphone ….. and there begins to manifest the dark side of fashion influencers ….

From the moment the web connection comes into play, the darkness spreads like wildfire …..

Step 1: Reply to comments on blogs and social networks because networking is essential to survive and also to keep having fun.

Step 2: read and reply to the emails, even the senseless ones of various Chinese sites that offer you 30 euros for a permanent banner on the site. Yes sure. Of course? I was just waiting for this offer!.

Phase 3: publish on social networks trying to find the right tags and not be banned by instagram using the wrong ones. Even #beautyblogger makes you end up in the blacklist …..

Step 4: write the posts of the week. For those who, like me, have a fashion blog, indexing is essential, you need to be able to write in SEO language and in particular you need to know which specific keywords to use for a fashion blog. If the blog is in double language then the game gets even harder. To write a post I also take 2 or 3 hours. This is also the dark side of fashion influencers ….

Step 5: take pictures and edit them. A child’s play? I would say no. A shooting takes from 10 minutes to 1 hour per look, but the most challenging part is the editing of the photos. Cut, sew, adjust the lights, put the right filter, remove trash from the ground (and in Rome it is very frequent), resize the photos, rename them and upload them to the blog. This is the part I hate the most.

And finally … read and reply to the chat on Whatsapp: that of The Fashion Mob, that of the press office of The Fashion Mob, that of the photos of The Fashion Mob ….. plus that of your child’s school, that of soccer school, that of soccer technique, those of friends ….. whatsapp is another job, but this for all of us.

And what’s the time left? That little time is all about my son, dedicated to his education, the limitation of time on the Playstation, homework, soccer.

And then of course there is also the husband, his needs, his freak control attitude and the sharing of his working day.

That’s why in the evening I’m exhausted !!

I am wearing

Aniye By Sweater

Lulupa boots

all found at Rossella Boutique

dark side of fashion influencers

fashion influencer

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