Tartan print, a winter 2019 trend

The tartan print is in fashion, indeed it continues to be so. We have seen it during the past spring summer season and we continue to see it also in this winter 2019!

stampa scozzese

The tartan print, or plaid, let’s call it what we want, is the  n.1 trend of winter 2019. It has invaded the Spring/Summer runways and is reconfirmed as one of the absolute protagonists for this season. We must recognize, however, that this print associates it more with wool and heavy fabrics.

Warm, soft as a plaid is super trendy and I particularly love it in this new colored version combined with classic or fantasy accessories.

The tartan print is a passepartout able to adapt to any occasion and is perfect made on any garment, from the trouser suit to the dress, including accessories. Let’s take the jacket with a tartan print, when combined with important details takes on a sophisticated look, suitable also for a ceremonial look.

I was enthusiastic about the new irresistible interpretations, and perhaps the real news is that it is also used for elegant evening dresses.

Needless to say that I have traveled to various stores in the capital, the city where I live, and I found in many collections of the garments who have impressed me. In my winter wardrobe I have already made rooom for: a trouser suit, a jacket and a very British outfit consisting of a cape/coat and pants.

I had fun choosing colorful clothes, as the fashion of this winter asks and I must say that they have been successful and versatile.

I still have to choose the evening dress in tartan print, and I think it will be the perfect dress to wear for Christmas Eve. Probably will have red, but I’m not sure … I’ll decide at the moment.

So what are you waiting for to do some shopping and to put tartan garments in your closet? I want to give you some hints: the photos of my looks and some photos taken from the F/W 2018-19 fashion shows, I’m sure something that will excite you will find it too !!!

Asmileplease by Nadia La Bella 🙂







tartan print


Tips of the day:

  • The tartan print is also perfect to decorate the house, to make it warmer and in perfect winter and Christmas style.
  • Doing sports and taking care of your diet are excellent habits to stay in foma. We also combine some good supplements such as those from XS Sport Nutrition
  • If you are in Rome, I recommend a really special hairdresser, Monica Marchetti!
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