T shirts with graphic prints are a constant element in our wardrobe, every year the themes are different and never as this year my T Shirt has absolutely adequate contents: champagne (or wine) is always the answer! Especially in times of quarantine!

t shirts with graphic prints
T-shirts with graphic prints have been trendy for years, every year the contents of the prints are different. Funny writings as in the case of the (s) fashion collection, days of the week, winking sentences….

After the quarantine, the contents had to necessarily adapt and I chose a T Shirt that speaks volumes about what was the way of living the quarantine hahahahaha. If you became an alcoholic too, you can find this T Shirt here.

The T shirts with graphic prints adapt to the mood of who wears them

Generally when we buy a T shirt with writings we want it to represent us, to express something about us.

When I created the (s) fashion collection I had in mind women who, like me, are self-deprecating and passionate about fashion.

I really like to laugh and I love irony: many of my T shirts with writings express precisely this side of my personality.

And also my new T shirt with graphic prints reflects this aspect and also describes how I spent the quarantine: drinking!

Champagne is always the answer, in my case I would say wine …..

During the quarantine, the Husband and I funded our private cellar and also took advantage of Winelivery for an aperitif on the terrace!

The result is that if it is true that we have spent the jail term, it is equally true that I have taken 4 kg that I cannot dispose of.

This means that my next T shirt will have to express this fact. Type: “Do you want to know how to lose pounds? I would like to know it too!” ……

How to work out without going to the gym?

If it is true that I do not lose weight, it is equally true that in this period I have defined myself extremely much, much more than when I went to the gym. How did I do it?

I train every day in video chat with a friend of mine with a high impact work out or 37 minutes in which 1 minute of intense exercise is interspersed with 15 seconds of rest.

It really works! I have super toned and defined arms and legs.

In addition I bike for 14 km every day and I walk a lot.

Sooner or later I hope to be able to dispose of the extra pounds but I am afraid that I will have to give up the wine I drink during the weekend …. tragedy!!!



t shirt con stampe grafiche

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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