Summer office look, my advice

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What is the ideal office look, now that the hot season starts and suits become too “heavy”? Here is my proposal for a summer office look with a fresh and colorful bon ton dress.
look da ufficio estivo

Many of you asked me to write posts on the summer office look. Actually I realize that I never wrote much on the subject when I was working in Milan and right inside the four walls of an office.

Last time we talked about wearing jeans at the office, but today we see how to dress to go to work even when the temperatures get very high.

The summer office look I propose today is characterized by a fuchsia bon-ton dress of 24.25 Clothing.

Are strong colors suitable for a summer office look?

Absolutely yes! Fuchsia, red and yellow can also be worn in the office provided you do not overdo it.

When it comes to choosing what to wear to go to the office, you have to remember only one rule: you are not going for a drink with friends.

So yes to using the colors in your summer office look but no splits, skirts above the knee or blouses that are too low-cut. To have greater authority and to be listened, you must make sure that the listener’s eyes are pointed from the neck upwards!

How to transform an office outfit into an evening look?

If you have an aperitif and you have to leave the office directly, you should wear a classic but versatile garment. The bon ton dress of these shots lends itself perfectly to a H24 look.

During the day you can interpret it with a thin belt and a pair of pumps, while in the evening you can combine it with a maxi belt and cowboy boots like I did!

Remember also that it is not mandatory to wear a suit in the office

When you think of the office look, you don’t necessarily have to think about a suit. As I told you, what matters is that your outfit makes you look professional.

This means that you can also wear an elegant suit or bodysuit or bold colors but the whole must still be suitable for a working environment.

One of the dictates of the summer office look, for example, is that it must in no way look like a beach look. No shorts, no flip flop. And I assure you that in my career I saw both shorts and flip flops being worn!

Does the office dress code include sandals in the summer?

The summer office look does not include sandals, I am sorry to give you this sad news. Pumps are allowed in the office but sandals are not.

A small exception can be made for “peep toe”, or the open toe pumps.

To me all these rules were often tight but unfortunately it is true what you wear will alter your perception. If you are not properly dressed you will be perceived as less authoritative!

look da ufficio estivo

summer office look

summer office look

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Hi Francesca
    The dress is beautiful and you look very professional even going for a dinner.
    When I have worked I wear sandals and I dont see no problem with that. Not flat.
    Even the boss woman wear it.

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