A very flashy yet made in Italy dress for my summer 2020 outfit. Here are some tips to be at the top even in exceptional conditions like this that we are experiencing.

summer 2020 outfitMy summer 2020 outfit is a bit flashy thanks to Just Cavalli‘s leopard prints dress. But on the other hand, you know, I love flashy things. And this dress stands out, even a lot.

But it also gives me the opportunity to talk about this summer 2020 and how to live it at the top despite the shaky epidemiological data and the uncertain future.

Summer 2020 outfit, 4 tips to be at the top

After 72 days of lockdown, where the suit has been the master, now you want to look nicer, right?

Here are four tips for a cheerful and carefree summer 2020 outfit (and in this period it really takes!

Color, color color! Yellow, green, blue, pink or red, the look must be colored. As you want and without looking at pantone approved colors. I love yellow (even if it doesn’t suit me) but lately you have also seen me in green with this other look by Just Cavalli.

Choose your style. Did you know that dressing according to your personality is good for mental health? Oh yeah. Make a mnemonic effort and try to remember how much you hated your mother when she dressed you in a way you didn’t like and how uncomfortable you felt. The same thing also applies now. If you follow a fashion that does not suit you, you will never be at ease. It is not you who has to adapt to fashion but the fashion that must adapt to you!

Take care of your physical appearance. Hair and nails must always be in place and if, like me, you have accumulated some extra flab rolls, throw yourself on the bike or on the walks. I will have done thousands of km but I have the distinct feeling that if I do not abandon the glass of wine on the weekend I will not go anywhere!

Put some make up on. Even if you have to go to the supermarket. Even if the make up is transferred on the mask like the holy Shroud. I no longer move without makeup. In fact, since I see myself horrible, I also wear makeup inside the house, so when I cross a mirror I don’t get scared ahahahaha !!

In any case, if you are looking for some advice on summer 2020 fashion trends just read here.

Let’s also get some trendy masks or fashion mask covers

The mask or the trendy mask cover are now an integral part of the summer 2020 outfit but you will be even more chic if you can combine the fashion mask with what you wear as in this post.

Let us remember that many made in Italy brands have converted a part of their production, dedicating it to glam masks.

So we are spoiled for choice!

summer 2020 outfit

summer 2020 outfit

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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