5 summer 2020 fashion trends that you absolutely must have

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Here are 5 summer 2020 fashion trends that you absolutely must have because they can also be used in the following years. Which ones are they? Read here!

summer 2020 must havesToday we talk about 5 summer 2020 fashion trends that will make us even more feminine.

I found everything on Femme Luxe Finery,, the cost-effective online fashion site where you can also find joggers , T shirts and loungewear.

Now more than ever it is time to show off some new clothes, since we are starting to get out of the forced shell in which we have been locked up for a couple of months.

What are the 5 summer 2020 fashion trends not to be missed?

The one-shoulder top. It is just as feminine but much more practical and comfortable than the off the shoulder top and it is also good in case the weather is not the best. If it is sunny, use the sleeveless half and if it is cold the one with the sleeve. Obviously I am joking. It is a very feminine garment because it plays with the see-not-see that men like so much.

The graphic T shirt. They have been in fashion for years and this summer they are the fashion masters again. I chose one with the words “Champagne is always the answer” to remind me of my best ally during the quarantine, the wine indeed !!!

The white cocktail dress. The white dress code is one of the summer must haves and it is often not easy to find the right white dress. My fear, which I think is shared by many) is to ruin it with indelible stains. I finally found a fabric that seems to be easy to wash and that doesn’t even need to be ironed.

The black faux leather dress. Summer faux leather? Absolutely yes! Here is the big news of this summer, a fabric considered in all respects winter that is reinvented in a very low-cut and fashionable little black dress suitable for a summer look. I interpreted it with Giuseppe Zanotti’s iconic Cruel sandals but it can also be combined with a low boot.

The little black dress. I know, I know, we have a bunch of black mini dresses. There isn’t a woman who doesn’t have one in her closet and I don’t know how many I own anymore, but this is really special, with that very sexy neckline and the band on the side. I wore it for my birthday dinner pairing it with a pair of silver-colored Texan boots.

DIY beautician, the new post coronavirus trend

There is nothing to do, I no longer set foot after the beautician after the coronavirus, the only thing I did was the microblading to the eyebrows which has already disappeared (hopefully it will come back).

In these 2 months I have had the time to test many beauty products that really work and also the Prai neck and décolleté creams with which I felt really good.

The only one that I will not abandon is my hairdresser because the tint at home alone proved to be really disastrous in my case, my hair was ruined and the coverage of the white hair lasted at most a week and I said everything!

tendenze moda estate 2020

white dress code

5 summer 2020 fashion trends that you absolutely must have


Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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