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I have been thinking about what to put in our suitcase for Bali, our Easter trip, for months. Surely there will be a couple of comfy and glam espadrilles and lots of clothes …. what else am I missing?

At Easter, Capizzi’s family makes a trip to Indonesia! And for months we have been planning what to put in the suitcase for Bali, trying not to break with the weight limits imposed by the airline and above all not putting a strain on the patience of the extremely ferocious husband.

Yes, because if it were up to him we would have to go around in Adamic costume.

But I have by now learned how to optimize spaces and organize my looks so as to use as few things as possible.

For me the essentials in my suitcase for Bali will be comfortable but fashion shoes like these from La Siesta the premium brand of espadrilles by Gioseppo.

Because Bali is not only sea but also culture thanks to the beautiful temples I can’t wait to visit.

But how is the climate? I think it will be super moisty and my hair will live in the wild for 10 days.

The clothes must therefore be light but I like the idea that they must be also very folk-style because they adapt well to the context.

Two of the dresses I will wear are therefore inspired by 70s fashion and share the spring/summer 2019 color: beige and another very strong trend for the summer season: ruffles.

I both found them at Rossella Boutique in Rome along with a beautiful bikini that I will soon show you in Instagram stories.

I’m already looking for perfect locations to shoot with these dresses, even if the Husband doesn’t know it yet.

In my suitcase for Bali there will also be other clothes that I showed you in the stories and some beauty products that you saw in this post.

And for sure I will also carry the maxi headband with me.

Of one thing I am sure, in the suitcase for Bali I will also put an entire pharmacy.

Because unfortunately the Capizzi family gets sick every time we go on vacation.

The Husband once has arrived at destination ALWAYS catch a fever, then there are various otitis, gastroenteritis and certainly something that we have not foreseen.

suitcase for bali

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Hi Francesca
    Trip to Bali woww!! I aprove the dresses hahah!! And I can’t wait to see the bikini!!
    I hope you guys dont get sick and enjoy your hollidays in 100%
    Btw I love your boots!

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